IWRA 2019-2021 Board Elections: Call for Nominations Opens

IWRA announces that the nomination period is open starting today, May 4th for candidates for the elections of IWRA’s next 2019-2021 Executive Board. Any current IWRA member, can either nominate another members in good standing or self-nominate now and until June 18th, 2018.  To submit nominations please send an email to elections@iwra.org including the following information:  Full name of the candidate Current […]

IWRA Webinar – N°15

How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management 20 June 2018       IWRA organised a webinar on “How Private Land Matters in Flood Risk Management” jointly with the EU COST Action LAND4FLOOD initiative.  This webinar built on the IWRA’s Policy Brief authored by Professors Hartmann and Slavikova on How Private Land Matters in […]

IWRA Webinar – N°13

World Water Day 2018 – ‘Nature for Water’ 22 March 2018 The 2018 World Water Day ‘Nature for Water’ webinar was very successful with invited panelists highlighting many reasons for deepening our understanding on the relationship between water and nature.  Tying together the economic value provided by natural infrastructure with human values, such as water for domestic consumption, our […]

IWRA Webinar – N°12

Water Governance Principles 15 February 2018 The IWRA and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) were glad to host a joint webinar on “Water Governance Principles” on February 15th, 2018. This webinar brought together a unique cross section of both practitioners and academics to explore case studies and applications for the OECD Water Governance Principles.  Our panellists […]

IWRA’s 46th Anniversary !

  Established on 29 November 1971, IWRA was set up to meet the growing but unmet need to create a multidisciplinary association at the international level in order to fill the gaps both between disciplines and the science community with the general public and policy makers. In the 46 years since then, while moving with the times, we have held […]

IWRA Webinar – N°11

World Toilet Day 2017 – Wastewater 20 November 2017 IWRA celebrated World Toilet Day 2017 with a dedicated webinar that brought together both academics and practitioners to explore some key issues related to this years theme – “Wastewater”.  Our panellists were particularly attuned to gender issues, focusing on the need to break down taboo issues such […]