IWRA task forces consist of selected IWRA members who are experts and have considerable experience in water management topics. Task force members are supported by both the IWRA Executive Office and its Board. They have the opportunity to proactively interact with other IWRA members who share common interests, as well as to contribute to international projects and initiatives that might otherwise would be inaccessible for individual members.  

SWM Task Force

The Smart Water Management (SWM) Task Force examines Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and real-time data and responses as an integral part of the solution for water management challenges. 

  • Mónica García Quesada (Chair)
  • Henning Bjornlund
  • Sinafekesh Girma
  • Neil Grigg
  • Shaofeng Jia
  • Grisell Medina
  • Paul Omondi Agwanda
  • Fernando Ortiz Westendarp
  • Pamela Rojas
  • Mary Trudeau
  • Muhammad Wajid Ijaz 

Water Quality Task Force

IWRA’s Water Quality Task Force was launched in 2017 to make a meaningful contribution to Water Quality through the WQ Project with strong support of the World Water Council.  

  • Sisira Withanachchi (Chair)
  • Dahlia Sabri (Co-Chair)
  • Suryakanta Acharya 
  • Aya Al Siblani 
  • Mohammed S. Ameen 
  • Ifeanyi Emmanuel Anyanwu
  • Daniele Cocca 
  • Cesar Huilinir Curio 
  • Alper Elci 
  • Malcolm Gander 
  • Alex Godoy Faundez 
  • Sessinou Houedanou 
  • Bayan Khalaf 
  • Nezha Mejjad 
  • Bridget Okudinia 
  • Nikola Rakonjac 
  • Mohammed Tahir Ghori 
  • Carla Toranzo 
  • Aashutosh Kumar Thakur
  • Heather Bond

Water Security Task Force

The IWRA Water Security Task Force was formed to position and guide IWRA in discussions on water security and inform its debates. 

  • Amgad Elmahdi (Chair)
  • Hassan Tolba Aboelnga
  • Emmanuel Akpabio
  • Amali Abraham Amali
  • Jan Hofman
  • Muhammad Wajid Ijaz
  • William R. Jones
  • Kanokphan Jongjarb
  • Amrisha Pandey
  • Mary Trudeau
  • Maya Velis

Water & Climate Change Task Force

The Association set-up a knowledgeable, experienced group of members that can help further the Association’s work on this important topic. This task force will focus on how to better bridge water and climate change science with policy development.

  • David Molden (Chair)
  • Alexandre Alix
  • Karolane Caissy
  • Marie Chapuis
  • Jennifer Fernando
  • Mihretab Gebretsadik
  • Malcolm Gander
  • Ineke Kalwij
  • Aslam Khan
  • Anita Meldrum
  • Raya Stephan (Co- Chair) 
  • Pedro Torr

Early Career and Young Professionals Task Force

IWRA formed an Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) Task Force to help further the Association’s work on effectively raising their projects and voices, as well as engaging on other IWRA and partners initiatives. 

  • Bassel Daher (Chair)
  • Rewa Assi
  • Nur Azizah Affandy
  • Lindsey Aldaco Manner
  • Oscar Alvarado
  • Karishma Asoodani
  • Heather Bond
  • Khadija Boussen
  • Alice Colson
  • Syeda Saleha Fatim Ali
  • Michel Frem
  • Hagira Gelo
  • Rasha Hassan 
  • Deepesh Jain
  • Awol Kedir Jewaro
  • Georgina Mukwirimba
  • Liudmyla Odud 
  • Francisca Olavarría
  • Amrisha Pandey 
  • Pallavi Pokharel
  • Tayyaba Suhail
  • Denzel Urieta
  • Nicole Webley

Groundwater Task Force

IWRA established the Groundwater Task Force in 2020 to help guide the Association’s groundwater-related effortsThe Groundwater Task Force focuses on building capacity and knowledge in relation to the groundwater science-policy-practice interface.

  • Robert M. Kalin (Chair)
  • Anita Milman (Co-Chair)
  • Alice Aureli
  • Michael Campana
  • Gabriel Eckstein
  • Eric Garner
  • Rasha Hassan
  • Yuanyuan Li
  • Renée Martin-Nagle
  • Geert-Jan Nijsten
  • Raya Marina Stephan
  • Tibor Stigter
  • Fengyue Sun
  • Karen G. Villholth
  • Lili Yu
  • Robert M. Kalin
  • Muchaneta Munamati


The IWRA LAND4FLOOD Task Force focuses on natural flood retention and resilience on private land and aims to explore such different issues and their interrelation to establish a common platform for academics from different disciplines, decision-makers, landowners, and other stakeholders relevant for the topic.

  • Lenka Slavíková (Chair)
  • Thomas Hartmann (Vice-Chair)
  • Johan Barstad (Secretary general and communication officer)
  • Arthur Schindelegger (PhD Coordinator)
  • Kristina Veidemane (stakeholder liaison)
  • Nejc Bezak (work group leader)
  • Antje Bornschein (work group co-leader)
  • Sally Priest (work group leader)
  • Dennis Collentine (work group leader)


To become a member of an IWRA Task Force, you should have an active IWRA bronze, silver, or gold membership. To learn more and sign up for membership, please click here. Once your membership is approved, kindly send an email to office@iwra.org expressing your interest to join the Task Force of your choice.  Including a short motivation and attach a short resume. Our team will review your application and respond to you promptly if it is successful.


Task Forces are proposed by IWRA Members and require approval by the IWRA Executive Board. For more information, download the Task Forces Policy and Guidelines document here.  


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