IWRA seeks to facilitate knowledge generation and exchange through several publishing activities:

Water International

Water International (WI) is the official peer reviewed journal of the Association. Published by a major international publisher, Taylor & Francis, on behalf of IWRA, it is a leading source of information on international water resources research and policy.

Policy Briefs

Policy Briefing coincides with a special issue of our flagship publication, Water International, allowing interested readers to further explore these salient themes and topics in more depth. It is a synthesis of the critical facts and arguments needed to help the reader understand timely water policy issues, written by leading experts in the field.


Webinar is also based on themes discussed in the special issue of our flagship publication, Water International. Along with a forthcoming IWRA policy brief, these additional resources are designed to help academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals further explore these timely themes.

IWRA Update

IWRA Update is a quarterly newsletter that contains news briefs about IWRA members, regional chapters activities, calls for papers, and global water news

Other Publications

IWRA also publishes books, conference proceedings and partners with various organisations to produce special publications and affiliated journals on water resources issues.

If you are interested in collaborating with IWRA publications or would like more information, contact
the IWRA Editorial Office: