IWRA’s 46th Anniversary !


Established on 29 November 1971, IWRA was set up to meet the growing but unmet need to create a multidisciplinary association at the international level in order to fill the gaps both between disciplines and the science community with the general public and policy makers.

In the 46 years since then, while moving with the times, we have held steadfast to our core objective by holding 16 World Water Congresses; through publications, notably our flagship journal Water International; leading and collaborating with projects mainly on Water Quality, the Science-Policy Interface and Smart Water Management, as well as through networking at multiple scales, including the World Water Forum at one end and national and regional committees at the other.  Today, IWRA’s mission and goals remain the same, making sure the Association promotes water research and shares knowledge towards the use of sound science to develop strong water policies, engages with members and key partners more closely, and reinforces its unique multidisciplinary network of experts concerned with the sustainable use of the water resources, globally.

IWRA looks forward to continuing this work, bringing the latest research and sharing up-to-date knowledge, engaging across projects, events and initiatives with all our members and partners, as well as collaborating up close with the international water community in years to come!