IWRA 2019-2021 Board Elections: Call for Nominations Opens

IWRA announces that the nomination period is open starting today, May 4th for candidates for the elections of IWRA’s next 2019-2021 Executive Board.

Any current IWRA member, can either nominate another members in good standing or self-nominate now and until June 18th, 2018.  To submit nominations please send an email to elections@iwra.org including the following information: 

  • Full name of the candidate
  • Current affiliation (if any) of the proposed person
  • Position being nominated for (see below)
  • Country the candidate is from
  • Preferred email and phone number for contact
  • Other issues you deem appropriate

The positions available on the Board are:

  • 1 member for President
  • 3 members for Vice-Presidents
  • 1 member for Secretary General
  • 1 member for Treasurer (must be from the United States)
  • 1 member for Membership Committee Chair
  • 1 member for Award Committee Chair
  • 1 member for Scientific, Technical & Publications Committee Chair
  • 10 members for Directors

According to IWRA Bylaws, the President and Vice-Presidents shall be from different geographical regions.  Regarding the remaining members of the Executive Board, no more than three members from any one country can be elected at the same time.  IWRA is actively working to improve its diversity not just geographically but also in terms of gender and age, and so welcomes nominations of women and young professionals.

For nominees to be accepted as candidates, they must:

  • Have paid their membership fees so their membership is valid before the end of the nomination period, and is valid for the October elections
  • Be willing to serve if elected
  • Run for only one position
  • Not already hold that position for more than one term immediately prior to the current election
  • Not hold a position in another organisation that could be considered incompatible

All Board members will be required to participate in a minimum of two Board meetings each year, usually held by teleconference.  They must also be willing to serve on committees and to actively help the Association bring in new sources of funding through grants, projects, publications and events.

Please be reminded student members do not have voting rights as their membership is free.  If you are a student who would like to influence IWRA’s direction and contribute to its decision-making process, we invite you to consider joining as a young professional or regular member.

The list of nominated candidates will be published in the Association newsletter, on this website and social media channels in September this year.  The online ballot to vote these candidates will be held in October 2018.

For more details on the rules and criteria for this election, please refer to the IWRA Bylaws. In case of questions regarding the elections, please contact elections@iwra.org.