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IWRA’s Annual General Assemblies provide an opportunity for all members to meet and discuss the Association’s activities and initiatives, latest updates, strategies, and much more. This open Assembly also constitutes a forum to hear back from the membership and receive valuable inputs for the Association’s work.


IWRA held its General Assembly via Zoom on September 24th.  More than 140 registered members participated of this important meeting.  Welcome remarks were addressed by the IWRA’s Secretary General, Guy Fradin, followed by a statement from its President, Gabriel Eckstein, and a report of the Association’s activity in 2019 and 2020 by the Executive Director, Callum Clench. Both IWRA’s Treasurer, Renée Martin-Nagle, and the Chair of the Membership Committee, Tom Soo, also provided financial and membership updates, respectively.  Gabriel Eckstein closed this assembly by informing the membership on the many, multiples ways to get more involved in a call-to-action and more engagement.

Moreover, this online meeting offered the opportunity to members to learn more about on new and exciting initiatives being planned, including online conferences and changes in the membership structure.

In case you missed or if you want to watch the recording of the General Assembly, where you can listen to the presentations about the Association’s activities and work click on the video below.  All presentations can be found by accessing this PDF file, as well as the summary of the questions and answers posed during the live event by clicking here.  

You can also access other documents that were mentioned or discussed during the assembly, mainly IWRA’s Strategic Priorities Document; IWRA’s Articles of Incorporation and By-laws; IWRA’s recent Activity Reports; the calls to host the XIX World Water Congress and IWRA Regional Water Congresses; IWRA’s 2019 Financial Report; and three main websites IWRA, XVII World Water Congress and IWRA On-line Conference.

If you have any questions about the General Assembly, your membership or anything else, please contact us at office@iwra.org.

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