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IWRA is a non-profit, non-governmental, international member based Association established in 1971. It provides a global, knowledge and research based forum working at the interface of science and policy for the sustainable use and management of the world’s water resources.

The mandate of the present Executive Board of IWRA is from January 2022 to December 2024.

Yuanyuan Li (China)


Yuanyuan Li has rich experience in water resources management, human activities-water resources interaction, water resources system analysis, planning and management, water ecology and environment protection, etc. He has led many nationwide water resources surveys, strategy studies, integrated water resources planning, major water projects study, planning and design, policies formulation on water resources regulation and management in China as well as international programs and cooperation. He has widely published books and papers about water related topics. His research results have been awarded numerous state science and technology awards. Prof. Yuanyuan Li has been closely engaging in IWRA’s activities for nearly 30 years and has witnessed the important and leading role that IWRA has played in international water resources agenda. He joined IWRA Board since 2013 and has made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the Association. He served as a Vice President for the 2019-2021 period.

Gabriel Eckstein (USA)

Past President

Gabriel Eckstein is Professor of Law at Texas A&M University and Director of the law school’s Program in Natural Resources Systems. He focuses his research and teaching on water, natural resources, and environmental law and policy issues at the local, national, and international levels. He regularly advises UN agencies, national and sub-national governments, non-governmental organizations, and other groups on international and US water and environmental issues. He also directs the consultancy International H2O Solutions, as well as the non-profit International Water Law Project. From 2010-2015, Professor Eckstein served as Treasurer of IWRA; in 2017, he chaired the XVI World Water Congress International Scientific Committee. Professor Eckstein also serves as Associate Editor for Brill Research Perspectives: International Water Law, and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Water Law. He holds a Juris Doctor and an LL.M. in International Environmental Law, an M.S. in International Affairs, and a B.A. in Geology.

Henning Bjornlund (Australia/Denmark)


Henning Bjornlund is a Research Professor in Water Policy and Management at UniSA Business, University of South Australia. From 2005 to 2015 he simultaneously held a Canada Research Chair in Water Policy and Management and shared his time between South Australia and Alberta. Since 2013 he has worked on a Research for Development project funded by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research: Transforming Small-scale Irrigation in Southern Africa. Prior to joining academic, he worked as a manager/director in many fields such as education, development aid, and tropical farming. Since 2013 he has served on the board of directors of the International Water Resources Association. 

Rabi Mohtar (Lebanon)


Rabi Mohtar is a professor in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and the Zachary Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is the former Dean (2018-21) of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut. Mohtar’s expertise lies in the interrelationships of the water, energy, food, health Nexus, in developing quantitative tools to assess sustainable resource allocation and tradeoffs to ensure long term resilience and sustainable management of resources by empowering dialogue between stakeholders, policy makers and science. He also works on soil and water processes, modeling and characterization, and long-term impact alternative water on soil and water processes. https://wefnexus.tamu.edu/

Lesha Witmer (Netherlands)


Lesha is founding and Steering Committee member of Women for Water Partnership (WfWP), advocacy lead. She serves as steering committee member of the European Pact for Water, the Butterfly Effect NGO coalition, AGWA and #ClimateIsWater campaign. She is a (alternate) permanent representative to the UN (HLPF, UNESCO, UNEP/ UNEA, UNCTAD, UNECE, UN Water, etc.) on behalf of Business and Professional Women international and WfWP and also representative to the EU Parliament. She chairs the VAM foundation; is a former vice-chair of the Hydropower Sustainability Governance committee and the social chamber. She is a former chair of the sustainable development committee of the Netherlands women’s council, the standing committee of IFBPW on sustainable development and a former advisor of the Netherlands to the commission on sustainable development. She is a strategic group / member of the World Water Quality alliance (hosted by UNEP) and core member of the stakeholder Engagement Platform working group and a member of the UNESCO WWAP water and gender working group. Since 1991 she works as independent senior advisor and facilitator (interalia for WWF). Her expertise: empowerment, equity, equality and participation (strategies), human resources, project-and process management; Sustainable Development policies; vocational training and mentoring, water stewardship, water diplomacy, water governance and management, advocacy, and capacity development. She holds degrees in Human Resource and General Management (Sittard & Nijenrode), studied western sociology (Erasmus) and (international and labor) law (University of Amsterdam). She was recently one of the moderators for the IWRA conference “One Water, One Health: Water, Food and Public Health in a Changing World”. And contributed to several other webinars of IWRA in the last two years.

Eric Tardieu (France)

Secretary General

Eric Tardieu is the Permanent Technical Secretary of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO), and director general of the International Office for Water (OiEau) since 2017. He’s an Environmental Engineering, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, prestigious post-graduate multidisciplinary engineering French school, with a PhD in membrane filtration applied to urban wastewater treatment. He served for French Ministries of Agriculture and Environment as a water policy officer, applying and managing national and European regulations. He then held successive responsible positions in the public sector for national (Ministry of Industry), regional (Normandy region) and local authorities (Toulouse), implementing policy regulations, designing multistakeholders strategies and plans of measures. He has been engaged not only in the field of water resources management and environmental protection, but also public policies for innovation, research and attractivity, public private partnerships or European and international cooperations.

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Renée Martin-Nagle (USA)


Renée Martin-Nagle, PhD is President and CEO of A Ripple Effect, Special Counsel at Eckert Seamans, and a Visiting Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute. She received a PhD in 2019 from the University of Strathclyde; her doctoral thesis, “Governance of Offshore Freshwater Resources”, was published by Brill Nijhoff in January 2020.  For more than twenty years prior to joining the water community, she was the chief legal counsel for Airbus Americas, retiring in 2011 as General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Environmental Affairs, Corporate Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors. Renee earned an LL.M from George Washington University Law School (with highest honors), a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts from St. Francis University and an Associate of Arts from Mount Aloysius College. Her research interests include groundwater, unconventional water resources, contaminants of emerging concern and water resiliency.

Committee Chairs

Jean Fried (France/USA)

Scientific, Technical & Publications Committee

As Professor of Fluid Mechanics at the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France, Expert-Consultant at the European Commission in Brussels and President of the European Institute for Water, he directed multidisciplinary and multicultural professional groups of scientists, policymakers and planners, administrators and their technical staff, to prepare the scientific background of water/groundwater legislation in the EU. He directed water governance capacity-building programs of the EU in the Middle East, South America, the United States, the European Union and most of its member states, Canada, Russia and Siberia, Uzbekistan, South Africa. As Senior Consultant, he was involved in the UNESCO program on Transboundary Hydro-Governance Education. At the University of California, Irvine, he has been teaching “Groundwater Policy and Governance” and has been organizing a series of international periodic workshops on California groundwater policy, governance, management and resilience. He has published more than 150 articles in international journals and conferences and is the author/co-author/co-editor of several books and chapters in books or conference proceedings.

Bassel Daher (Lebanon/USA)

Membership Committee

Bassel Daher, Ph.D. is an Assistant Research Scientist at the Texas A&M Energy Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Texas A&M University. Bassel recently served on the international scientific committee of the 2021 IWRA Online Conference titled “One Water, One Health”, and is the current Chair of the IWRA Early Career and Young Professionals Task Force. Bassel is interested in bridging science and policy on topics related to water-energy-food nexus, circular economy, and sustainable development. He is dedicated to making contributions toward a future that is more sustainable, equitable, and water, energy, and food secure for all.  Daher holds a PhD in Water Management and Hydrologic Sciences from Texas A&M University (2019), an MSE in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Purdue University (2012), and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut (2010).

Lili Yu

Awards Committee

Lili Yu is a Professor Level Senior Engineer in the General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design at the Ministry of Water Resources of China. She has a PhD in Water Resources Engineering from the University of Florida (US). Her fields of expertise include groundwater planning, assessment, policies studies, etc. As a technical leader, she has completed a number of national and regional level projects in China, including National Groundwater Utilization and Protection planning, National Groundwater Resources Assessment, the Act of Groundwater Overexploitation Control in the North China, etc. Furthermore, she has also gained a lot of international cooperation skills through cooperative projects with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, World Wild Fund for Nature, World Resources Institute, etc. She is an active participant in international water resources community, serving as a committee member of IWRA,and deputy secretary-general of China chapter of IWRA.

Asma Bachikh (Morocco)


Asma Bachikh is an international development professional with a background in water resources management and Climate change adaptation. She has extensive experience working across a range of water and climate adaptation issues in North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia with the World Bank and UNEP. She is currently working with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank supporting the preparation and implementation of AIIB’s investment projects in the water sector.

Asma holds an MSc in Water Science Policy and Management from the University of Oxford and a Master’s in international relations and politics from Peking University.

Since 2019, Asma has been on the executive board of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA).

Guy Fradin (France)


Guy Fradin is currently retired from the French ministry of agriculture where his last appointment was President of the forestry, water and rural areas department in the minister of agriculture advisory council (2013/2016). He previously was Director general of the Seine-Normandie water agency (2004/2011).  Member of the French Academy of Agriculture, adviser of the President of the World water council, he also chairs the environmental observatory of the Canal Seine/nord-Europe society. He served IWRA as Secretary general for the past six years. He worked first as a forester within the French national office for forestry (1976/1980), then in the forestry department of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, 1980/1982) and in the International Department of the Ministry of Agriculture (1982/1989). Subsequently, he was in charge of the economic issues of the Ministry (1989/1992) and was appointed Deputy Director for rural areas and forestry and various other responsibilities (1992/2002). He served as Director of nature and landscapes in the Ministry of ecology (2003) and Director of the office of the minister of ecology (2003/2004).  Guy Fradin participated actively in the organization of the 6th World water forum as Vice-President , was member of the 7th Forum International steering committee and is member of the international steering committee of the 9th WWF of Dakar.

Gary Jones (Australia)


Gary Jones has a 35 year professional history across water science, policy and management. After completing his B.Sc.(Hons) and PhD, he was a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT USA and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne UK. He later joined CSIRO Australia, where he built an international reputation studying toxic cyanobacteria. Gary was appointed CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology in 2002, and in 2005 led the establishment of eWater CRC, later guiding its successful transition to a not-for-profit water science & technology company. Since developing and heading the Australian Water Partnership through 2015-16, Gary has had concurrent roles as: Adjunct Professor, University of Canberra; Honorary Principal Fellow, University of Melbourne; Director of the Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia-Pacific (retired 2020); Director of Coliban Water Authority (since 2019); and Board Member of IWRA, including chairing the International Scientific Committee for IWRA’s XVII World Water Congress.

Karin Krchnak (Slovakia/USA)


Karin Krchnak is currently the Managing Director of Sustainability and Market Outreach at the American Chemistry Council. As an international environmental lawyer, Ms. Krchnak has worked to improve policies and procedures related to environmental management and resource conservation worldwide for over 25 years.  She has spent the last 15 years in leadership positions around improving water resource management. This has included managing initiatives focused on advancing corporate water stewardship, water security, and building better governance through increased transparency, rule of law and institutional strengthening. Ms. Krchnak received her B.A. in Political Science from Duke University and her J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law. She has published extensively in international environmental policy and sustainable development, particularly on freshwater issues.

Trevor Magwaza (Zimbabwe)


Trevor Magwaza is a registered Professional Engineer with the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ) and a Corporate Member of Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE). A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA and a professional member of PMI. Trevor is a holder of Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil and Water Engineering from the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe and currently in my final semester for a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering and Management at the University of Zimbabwe. I have more than 16 years’ experience practicing as a Water and Sanitation Engineer. Currently am employed by the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) a Development Finance Institution as a Chief Technical Officer responsible for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects. I have vast experiencE in the designing and implementation of water and sanitation projects within the SADC region. I sat in the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE) Board as a committee member for the period 10 September 2018 to 31 March 2021, I also sit in Chinhoyi University Council / Board where we foster research in the water and sanitation amongst other research areas. I am confident with my experience and keenness will contribute meaningfully to water issues in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ganesh Pangare (India)


Ganesh Pangare is recognized as a leader in the area of environment, water resources,
agriculture, green infrastructure, climate and sustainability, with experience spanning over 30 years, largely across Asia-Pacific but also Africa and the South Americas. He has worked with international organisations in senior positions such as the Regional Director, International Water Association (IWA), Asia-Pacific, the World Bank, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Department for International Development (DFID UK) etc. He has published more than 15 books on water, ecosystems and biodiversity. He has been quoted in Time magazine, written for Nature and has publications with the IFPRI, FAO, UNESCO, the World Bank, ADB and other international organizations.
Ganesh has been a part of expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic, the Amazon Forest, National Parks in Africa and Asia, across the Himalayas and to the Everest Base Camp. His work and personal zeal for adventure has taken him to each of the seven continents, spanning more than a hundred countries.

Ariana Rossen (Argentina)


Ariana is a Senior research scientist at the National Water Institute in Buenos Aires, Argentina with more than 20 years working in the water sector. She is a Biologist and holds a Master degree in Biotechnology and a PhD from the University of Buenos Aires; and a Specialization in Innovation Management in Science and Technology from the Fundacão Getulio Vargas in Brazil. Her areas of expertise are linked to water quality, biological treatability, ecotoxicology, environmental microbiology, and  environmental and human health risk evaluation. She also has experience in cooperation capacity building at institutional level, promoting projects and dialogue across water science and management. Lastly, she a Tenured professor at the Argentina Catholic University and a  Consultant for MERCOSUR and FAO projects.

Dahlia Sabri (Egypt)


Dahlia Sabri is an expert in water resources engineering with over 18 years of experience in water-related projects in the private sector, the UN, and other international organizations. She began her professional career as a water engineer and contributed to several interdisciplinary international projects. As such, she is familiar with the water resources sector in Egypt, Sweden, Germany, and Kuwait. Currently, She is currently working on her Ph.D. on developing novel techniques for water reuse and she serves on the IWRA Water Security Task Force. Her experience includes project management of multi-disciplinary projects, hydrological and environmental investigations and monitoring, water and wastewater systems, stormwater drainage assessments, design and management, irrigation networks design, and climate change adaptation in the water resources sectors. She is very familiar with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analysis as well as the interpretation of water quality data modeling with an in-depth knowledge of current hydrology and hydraulics techniques and software, e.g., WaterGems, SewerGems, StormCad, HYDRUS, Global Mapper, and application of GIS in Water Resources. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. She is currently based in Kuwait and has her roots in Egypt. She’s lived for several years in Lund, Sweden, and in Bonn, Germany, where she pursued her postgraduate degrees. She is used to working internationally and worked for several months in Germany in the capacity of a Consultant for the UNFCCC and has participated in several international and UN-financed projects. Having lived and worked in several countries, She can speak Arabic, English, French, and to an extent, can also use Swedish and German.

Tom Soo (Australia/ France)


Tom Soo is an executive and consultant in the water sector. He has been Executive Director of IWRA and the World Water Council and also has a background in consulting to international institutions, public authorities, academia, as well as private industry. Tom’s current focus areas include institutional arrangements, strengthening the link between knowledge generation and policy making; hydro-environment engineering and research; water quality; building networks between private industry, research and government stakeholders; as well as strategy and technical consulting in the sector of water and natural resources. Over the years, Tom has participated in numerous international committees and task forces. He holds a research masters degree in geography; and also has a degree in computer systems engineering (electrical). He currently heads up the International Association of Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research; is a founding member of the Water Policy Group; a member of the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership; as well as chairs the International Advisory Committee of the UNSW Global Water Institute, and the Membership Committee (2019-2021) of the IWRA.

Pilar Carolina Villar (Brazil)


Born in the recharge area of the Guarani Aquifer in Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil, Pilar has been a Professor in the Sea Institute (Santos, SP) at the Federal University of São Paulo since 2013. She is a lawyer with a master and PhD in Environmental Sciences and a Postdoctoral degree in Sedimentary and Environmental Geology from the University of São Paulo. She teaches Environmental Law and Water Resources Management, and her research focuses on multilevel governance of groundwater, especially the Guarani Aquifer, and transboundary governance of the La Plata River Basin. She has coordinated and taught in several courses about water in Brazil and South America promoted by PHI-UNESCO and the Brazilian National Water and Sanitation Agency, as well has publish articles and developed teaching materials on transboundary water governance and water law. Pilar also acted as a Legal Component consultant for the Framework program of the La Plata River Basin. 

Tom Williams (UK)


Tom is Director for Nature Action & Water for WBCSD, working with leading multinational companies on their nature targets and actions. He has worked in both developed and developing countries, with experience collaborating with a range of stakeholders including utilities, government, research institutes, businesses, donor agencies, UN agencies and NGOs. Before joining WBCSD, Tom was interim Executive Director for the International Water Association.

IWRA previous Executive Boards

President: Gabriel Eckstein (USA)
Past president: Patrick Lavarde (France)
Vice-Presidents: Blanca Jiménez – Cisneros (Mexico), Karin Krchnak (Slovakia), Yuanyuan Li (China)
Secretary General: Guy Fradin (France)
Treasurer: Renée Martin-Nagle (USA)
Board of Directors: Asma Bachikh (Morocco), Guillermo Donoso (Chile), Jun-Haeng Heo (Rep. of Korea), Farda Imanov (Azerbaijan), Gary Jones (Australia), Eiman Karar (Sudan), Yoonjin Kim (Rep. of Korea), Birgitta Liss Lymer (Sweden), David Molden (Nepal), Raya Marina Stephan (Palestine), Mingna Wang (China),
Chair Awards Committee: Rabi Mohtar (Lebabon), 
Chair committee Membership: Tom Soo (Australia) 
Chair committee Scientific, Technical & Publications: Henning Bjornlund (Australia)
President: Patrick Lavarde (France)
Past president: Dogan Altinbilek (Turkey)
Vice-Presidents: Naim Haie (Portugal), Yuanyuan Li (China), David Molden (Nepal)
Secretary General: Guy Fradin (France)
Treasurer: Renée Martin-Nagle (USA)
Board of Directors: Aziza Akhmouch (Morocco), Mukand S. Babel (Thailand), Carl Bruch (USA), Bruce Currie-Alder (Canada), Guillermo Donoso (Chile), Jun-Haeng Heo (Rep. of Korea), Y.S. Frederick Lee (China), Ahmet Mete Saatçi (Turkey), Raya Marina Stephan (France), Philippus (Flip) Wester (Netherlands)
Chair committee Awards: James E. Nickum (Japan)
Chair committee Membership: Gary Jones (Australia)
Chair committee Scientific, Technical & Publications: Henning Bjornlund (Australia)

President: Dogan Altinbilek (Turkey)
Past president: Jun Xia (China)
Vice-Presidents: Lilian Del Castillo-Laborde (Argentina), Ngai Weng Chan (Malaysia), James E. Nickum (Japan)
Secretary General: Carl Bruch (USA)
Treasurer: Gabriel Eckstein (USA)
Board of Directors: Emmanuel M. AKPABIO (Nigeria), Henning Bjornlund (Australia), Ximing Cai (USA), Naim Haie (Portugal), Kun-Yeun Han (Korea), V.K. Kanjlia (India), Patrick Lavarde (France), Yuanyuan Li (China), Mark Redwood (Canada), Kaoru Takara (Japan).
Chair committee Awards: Giuseppe Rossi (Italy)
Chair committee Membership: Paula Silva (Mexico)
Chair committee Publications: Raya Marina Stephan (France)

President: Jun Xia (China)
Past president: Cecilia Tortajada (Mexico/Spain)
Vice-Presidents: Giuseppe Rossi (Italy), Anthony Turton (South Africa), Rui Vieira (Brazil)
Secretary General: James Nickum (Japan)
Treasurer: Gabriel Eckstein (USA)
Board of Directors: Murad Bino (Jordan), Ngai Weng Chan (Malaysia), Pierre Chevallier (France), Simon Cook (Colombia), Rafael Izquierdo (Spain), Madiodio Niasse (Roma/Senegal), Paula Silva (Mexico/USA), Marcia Valiante (Canada), Raquel Zabala (Argentina), Mark Zeitoun (UK)
Chair committee Awards: Viktor Dukhovny (Uzbekistan)
Chair committee Membership: Shi Guoqing (China)
Chair committee Publications: Christopher Scott (USA)

President: Cecilia Tortajada (Mexico/Spain)
Past president: Aly M. Shady (Canada)
Vice-Presidents: Olli Varis (Finland), Hussam Fahmy (Egypt), Dogan Altinbilek (Turkey)
Secretary General: Lilian del Castillo-Laborde (Argentina)
Treasurer: Ben Dzigielewski (USA) / Carl Bruch (USA)
Board of Directors: Jennifer McKay (Australia), Anthony Turton (South Africa), Rui Vieira (Brazil), Undala Alam (UK), Shaofeng Jia (China), Viktor Dukhovny (Uzbekistan), Salman M. A. Salman (Sudan), Atef Kassem (Canada), Alexandra Pres (Germany), Zebediah Phiri (Zambia)
Chair committee Awards: Ismail Najjar (Canada)
Chair committee Membership: Gunilla Björklund (Sweden)
Chair committee Publications: James Nickum (Japan)

President: Aly M. Shady (Canada)
Past president: John J. Pigram (Australia)
Vice-Presidents: Cecilia Tortajada (Mexico/Spain), Olcay Unver (Turkey), Jun Xia (China)
Secretary General: Torkil Jonch-Clausen (Denmark)
Treasurer: John W. Nicklow (USA)
Board of Directors: Carlos Fernandez Jauregui (Bolivia), Gertjan B. Beekman (Brazil), Bruce Mitchell (Canada), Olli Varis (Finland), Karin Kemper (Germany), G. N. Mathur (India), Toshikatsu Omachi (Japan), Johan Rockstrom (Zimbabwe), Caroline Figueres (Netherlands), Walid Abderrahman (Saudi Arabia)
Chair committee Awards: Lilian del Castillo-Laborde (Argentina)
Chair committee Membership: Shuichi Ikebuchi (Japan)
Chair committee Publications: Luis E. Garcia (Guatemala)

President: John J. Pigram (Australia)
Past president: Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil)
Vice-Presidents: M. Ramon Llamas (Spain), Victor Pochat (Argentina), Yutaka Takahasi (Japan)
Secretary General: Olcay Unver (Turkey)
Treasurer: Jack F. Langowski Jr. (USA)
Board of Directors: Luiz Gabriel T. De Azevedo (Brazil), William Cosgrove (Canada), Richard Ives (USA), Lilian del Castillo-Laborde (Argentina), Toshiharu Kojri (Japan), Barbara Schreiner (South Africa), Cecilia Tortajada (Mexico/Spain), Juha I. Uitto (Finland), Patricia Wouters (UK), Jun Xia (China)
Chair committee Awards: Aaron Wolf (USA)
Chair committee Membership: Luis E. Garcia (USA)
Chair committee Publications: Mikiyasu Nakayama (USA)

President: Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil)
Past president: Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Vice-Presidents: Jan O. Lundqvist (Sweden), John J. Pigram (Australia), Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (Japan)
Secretary General: Carlos M. Escartin (Spain)
Treasurer: John W. Shomaker (USA)
Board of Directors: Karen K. Assaf (Palestinian Authority), Hector Garduño (Mexico), Peter Gleick (USA), Ricardo Harboe (Germany), M. Ramon Llamas (Spain), Masahiro Murakami (Japan), Monica F. Amaral Porto (Brazil), Slobodan P. Simonovic (Canada), Tawatchai Tingsanchali (Thailand), Xu Xinji (China)
Chair committee Awards: Peter J. Reynolds (Canada)
Chair committee Membership: Janusz Kindler (Poland)
Chair committee Publications: Ashim Das Gupta (Thailand)

President: Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Past president: Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (Egypt)
Vice-Presidents: Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil), Katumi Musiake (Japan), Aly M. Shady (Canada)
Secretary General: Victor De Kosinsky (Belgium)
Treasurer: Timothy H. Larson (USA)
Board of Directors: Mohamed Safwat Abdel-Dayem (Egypt), Bingxin Chen (China), Carlos Fernandez Jauregui (Bolivia), Frank J. Hartvelt (USA), Soontak Lee (Republic of Korea), Guy M. Le Moigne (USA), Rainer Loof (Thailand), John J. Pigram (Australia), Hillel Shuval (Israel), Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (Japan)
Chair committee Awards: W. Hall C. Maxwell (USA)
Chair committee Membership: Ashim Das Gupta (Thailand)
Chair committee Publications: Evan Vlachos (USA)

President: Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (Egypt)
Past president: Asit K. Biswas (UK)
Vice-Presidents: Ashim Das Gupta (Thailand), Gert A. Schultz (Germany), Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Secretary General: N. C. Thanh (Thailand)
Treasurer: Peter J. Reynolds (Canada)
Board of Directors: Marcello Benedini (Italy), Hector Garduño (Mexico), E. P. Gusenkov (Russia), Z. Hasan (India), Mohammed Jellali (Marocco), Janusz Kindler (Poland), Jan Lundqvist (Sweden), Katumi Musiake (Japan), Geoffrey E. Petts (UK), Sandra L. Postel (USA)
Chair committee Awards: Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil)
Chair committee Membership: Victor De Kosinsky (Belgium)
Chair committee Publications: Evan Vlachos (USA)

​President: Asit K. Biswas (UK)
Past president: Peter J. Reynolds (Canada)
Vice-Presidents: Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (Egypt), Madhav A. Chitale (India), Zhang Zezhen (China), Carlo Lotti (Italy), Oskar T. Sigvaldason (Canada)
Secretary General: Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Treasurer: Jonathan W. Bulkley (USA)
Board of Directors: Abdullah A. R. Arar (Italy), Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil), Victor De Kosinsky (Belgium), Ashim Das Gupta (Thailand), Hiroshi Hori (Japan), Bindu N. Lohani (Philippines), Jean-Paul Mounier (France), Terence C. Muir (UK), Gert A. Schultz (Germany), C. V. J. Varma (India)
Chair committee Geog. Committee and Membership: Janusz Kindler (Poland)
Chair committee Publications: David J. Eaton (USA)

President: Peter J. Reynolds (Canada) Past president: J. P. Garbe
Vice-Presidents: Malin Falkenmark (Sweden). LATINAMERICA: Julio Barberis (Argentina), AFRICA: Yahia Abdel Mageed (Sudan). ASIA: Zhang Zezhen (China). SOUTH PACIFIC/OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA: Sandford R. Clark (Australia)
Secretary General: Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Treasurer: Sam H. Johnson III (USA) originally elected and Alan H. Schultz (USA) from beginning of 1986 to the end of 1988
Board of Directors: Guillermo J. Cano (Argentina), Walther Lichem (Austria), Benedito P. F. Braga Jr. (Brazil), Th. S. Xanthopoulos (Greece), Carlo Lotti (Italy), Yutaka Takahashi (Japan), Rafael Heras (Spain), Leonard E. Taylor (UK), Evgeny P. Gusenkov (USSR), Gert A. Schultz (West Germany)
Chair committee Technical Programmes: Laszlo David (Hungary) Chair committee Membership: Louis W. De Backer (Belgium) Chair committee Publications: João Bau (Portugal)
Chair committee Geog. Committees: C.V.J. Varma (India)
Chair committee International Cooperation and Deputy-Secretary General: Louis J. Mostertman (The Netherlands)

President: J. P. Garbe (France)
Past president: Guillermo J. Cano (Argentina)
Senior Vice-President: Peter J. Reynolds (Canada)
Vice-Presidents: AFRICA: Mohammed Abdel Samaha (Egypt). LATINAMERICA: Santiago Isern (Argentina). ASIA: Bonrood Binson (Thailand). SOUTH PACIFIC/OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA: Thomas Chapman (Australia)
Secretary General: J. M. Martin-Mendiluce (Spain) Treasurer: George H. Davis (USA)
Board of Directors: Luiz Veiga Da Cunha (Portugal), José llamas (Canada), K. V. Krishnamurthy (India), Cid Tomanik Pompeu (Brazil), Joaquin R. Bustamente (Mexico), Louis M. De Backer (Belgium), Adriaan Volker (Netherlands), L. Pesikov (USSR), Zhang Zezhen (China)
Chair committee Geog. Committee: Hiroshi Hori (Japan) Chair committee Publications: Glenn E. Stout (USA)
Chair committee Membership: Malin Falkenmark (Sweden) Chair committee Technical Programmes: Enzo Fano (USA)
Chair committee International Cooperation and Deputy-Secretary General: Carlo Lotti (Italy)

President: Guillermo J. Cano (Argentina)
Past president: Ven Te Chow (USA)
Vice-Presidents: Ellis L. Armstrong (USA), Asit K. Biswas (UK), Yoshiaki Iwasa (Japan), Iraj Vahidi (Iran)
Secretary General: C. V. J. Varma (India) Treasurer: George H. Davis (USA)
Board of Directors: Harvey O. Banks (USA), Themistocles Dracos (Switzerland), Malin Falkenmark (Sweden), Jean J. Fried (France), Keith Henry (Canada), Hiroshi Hori (Japan), Rubem La Laina Porto (Brazil), Carlo Lotti (Italy), Subin Pinkayan (Thailand), Erich Plate (Germany)
Chair committee Membership: K. V. Krishnamurthy (India)
Chair committee Publications: Leo R. Beard (USA)
Chair committee Technical Programmes: Louis J. Mostertman (The Netherlands)
Chair committee Geog. Committees: L. Stephen Lau (USA)
Chair committee International Cooperation: Arnoldo J. Gabaldon (Venezuela)

President: Ven Te Chow (USA)
Vice-Presidents: K. L. Rao (India), J. M. Martin-Mendiluce (Spain), José Leite de Souza (Brasil), Farid M. Mikhail (Egypt)
Secretary General: Gabor M. Garady (USA) for 1972 – September 1976 then Sandor C. Csallany (USA) for September 1976 – beginning 1977 then C. V. J. Varma (India) from beginning 1977 to 1979
Treasurer: Roy A. Williams (USA) then George H. Davis (USA) from beginning 1977 to 1979
Board members: Ellis L. Armstrong (USA), Guillermo J. Cano (Argentina), Léopold Escande (France), Emil F. Mosonyi (West Germany), Helmut Simmler (Austria), Iraj Vahidi (Iran), Dimo Velev (Bulgaria), Adriaan Volker (The Neetherlands), Gavin Warnock (Canada)
Chair committee coordination of geographical committees: Leopold A. Heindl (USA)
Chair committee Membership: William S. Butcher (USA)
Chair committee Publications: Rayymond J. Krizek (USA)
Chair committee Technical Programmes: Herbert C. Preul (USA)
Chair committee International Cooperation: Sandor C. Csallany (USA) then C. V. J. Varma (India) from beginning 1977 to 1979

President: Ven Te Chow (USA)
Vice-Presidents: K. L. Rao (India), Florentino Briones (Spain), José Leite de Souza
(Brasil), Farid M. Mikhail (Egypt)
Secretary General: Gabor M. Garady (USA)
Treasurer: Roy A. Williams (USA)
Board of Directors: Harvey O. Banks (USA), Themistocles Dracos (Switzerland), Malin Falkenmark (Sweden), Jean J. Fried (France), Keith Henry (Canada), Hiroshi Hori (Japan), Rubem La Laina Porto (Brazil), Carlo Lotti (Italy), Subin Pinkayan (Thailand), Erich Plate (Germany)
Chair committee coordination of national committees: Leopold A. Heindl (USA)
Chair committee Membership: William S. Butcher (USA)
Chair committee Publications: Raymond J. Krizek (USA)
Chair committee Technical Programmes: Herbert C. Preul (USA)
Chair committee International Cooperation: Sandor C. Csallany (USA)

Executive Office Team

Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director

Leonore Tjikune

Communications Director


Andrea Santos

Events Officer


Awantika Pal

Digital Media Officer

Project Officer

Project Officer​

Sung-phil Jang

Project Officer

Regina M. Buono

Policy Briefs Editor​

Policy Briefs Editor​

Copy Editor

Arturo Salazar

webinar officer

Lindsey Blodgétt

webinar officer

Nathalie Lyon-Caen

Graphic Designer Officer

Sergio Vallejo

Web, Database & Technologies Officer​



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