Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) Task Force

Explore IWRA's dedicated initiative, the Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) Task Force. Its mission is to actively contribute to IWRA's projects, amplify the voices of emerging professionals, and engage in collaborative initiatives with IWRA and its partners.


Early career and young professionals constitute a large portion of the IWRA membership, who bring great value to the Association. They are vibrant community of water experts and potential future leaders in the sector. Due to the significant role young and early career members can play within IWRA, while accelerating their career development and broadening their professional networks, a new task force dedicated to Early Career and Young Professionals (ECYP) was established.

Overall Task Force Objectives

  • Better understand the needs and interests of Early Career and Young Professionals
  • Target and engage ECYP members in topics and activities through multiple media forms 
  • Provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, learning and networking
  • Create a stronger ECYP voice through cross-cutting activities and initiatives with other key IWRA partners  
  • Increase ECYPs engagement in IWRA projects

12-month Planned Activities

  1. Establish a social media campaign focused on highlighting IWRA early career and young professional (ECYP) members  
  2. Host a webinar series focused on topics of importance to ECYPs
  3. Host a Global Networking Café focused on building network among water professionals through interactive discussions
  4. Host podcast series focused on engaging the wider audience with water related topics
  5. Establish an online engagement space focused on sharing latest news and opportunities of interest to the Early Career and Young Professional (ECYP) network
  6. Create Storytelling series focused on highlighting indigenous knowledge
  7. Establish partnerships with international young water professional organisations
  8. Develop a plan for engaging ECYPs in IWRA’s upcoming Congress and other major activities in 2022 and 2023 
  9. Increase membership and engagement of ECYPs in overall IWRA activities

The ECYP Task Force is conformed of a Bureau and four Working Groups (WG). While the bureau focuses on the strategic vision and overall progress of the task force, each of the working groups has a list of specific objectives and anticipated outcomes within the coming 12-month period. The WG include the following:

The Social Media Working Group focuses on increasing the engagement and visibility of ECYP members within IWRA through online initiatives, including interactive materials, etc.

The Webinar Series Working Group provides opportunities for members to showcase their research/ work, network with other experts in their field, promote and share knowledge, etc. These working groups aim to organise and produce stimulating webinar events, which are well attended and meaningful to the entire IWRA Community.

The Outreach and Engagement Working Group leads different engagement activities for IWRA members, including “Casual Water Coffee Breaks” and surveys to identify ways in which this task force can better serve ECYP members. It will also identify partnership opportunities with other water youth organisations.

The WaterSpeaks Working Group provides a space for sharing global water knowledge and stories through live podcasts and dynamic discussions on @WaterSpeaksIWRA Twitter Space

Introducing the Task Force Members

Bassel Daher, Ph.D., a researcher at Texas A&M, is interested in bridging science and policy on topics related to water-energy-food nexus, circular economy, and sustainable development. He is dedicated to making contributions toward a future that is more sustainable, equitable, and water, energy, and food secure for all.

More information: Texas A&M Energy Institue Convergence Research Incubator/ LinkedIn

During her years of service with IWRA, Alice’s Project Officer position has evolved tremendously. Alice is now involved in the strategic development of several Executive Committees, including the network of members and its hosting platform, which she manages.

Alice is also in charge of coordinating some membership based task forces of experts, organizing sessions at several major international events, and acting as focal point for the thematic framework of the World Water Forums.

Last but not least, Alice is coordinating the Young Water Ambassadors Programme at the XVII World Water Congress.

Alice is based in Windhoek, Namibia, a country hit by an unprecedented drought, where the stakes around water resources are many. Alice speaks French, English and Spanish.

Alice holds a Master Degree in Risk Management in the Global South and Political Science. Her previous experiences in Project Risk Analysis and Disaster Risk Reduction make her particularly concerned by the issues of risk reduction and climate change adaptation.