As a member you are entitle to our:


  • Water International (WI), the IWRA official peer-reviewed journal, releasing 8 issues per year online, on the topics of water management, governance and policy of all previous issues
  • IWRA Update quarterly newsletter, giving the latest information pertaining to members on member activities, events, publications, calls for papers and global water news
  • World Water Congress material, including articles, posters, presentations, Congress reports, and other material from past congresses
  • Special publications from thematic issues of WI: Routledge Special Issues as Books Series (SPIBS) and Policy Briefs


  • Inclusion in IWRA’s mail list server, IWRA member directory and social networks
  • Posting your member news on the IWRA website and newsletter, to inform the community on your activities. If interested, contact the Executive Office:


  • Special rates for all IWRA events, including World Water Congresses
  • Staying informed through automatically receiving announcements on upcoming events, such as webinars, seminars, conferences and meetings

 IWRA Activities

 National and Regional Chapters

  • Regional chapters currently exist in China, India, Japan and Oceania. To get involved in these chapters, contact the Regional Chair, which can be found at
  • Upcoming chapters will be in South America, Mexico and Korea. More information coming soon.
  • If you are located in a country without a current IWRA regional or national chapter and you are keen to mobilize local water stakeholders, you can start your own chapter through a host organization in the region. If interested, contact the Executive Office:

 Thematic Working Groups & Task Forces

  • The opportunity to apply to be part of our expert Thematic Working Groups (TWG) and Task Forces, to network within a specific discipline and contribute to international projects through IWRA.  Already IWRA has a Task Force working on Water Quality and another on Smart Water Management.  Upcoming topics for TWGs include:
    • Water Governance
    • Science-Policy Interface
    • Gender & Water

If you are interested to know more on these benefits or add new ones, please do not hesitate to contact IWRA’s Executive Office via email to