IWRA Webinar – N°12

Water Governance Principles

15 February 2018

The IWRA and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) were glad to host a joint webinar on “Water Governance Principles” on February 15th, 2018.

This webinar brought together a unique cross section of both practitioners and academics to explore case studies and applications for the OECD Water Governance Principles.  Our panellists were particularly able to focus on questions about where the gaps remain as well as the missing links in the governance framework.  Different groups such as youth, layers of institutions at national level ministry, and key project financing, were identified.  Speakers and participants also agreed that much more work needs to be done to see how these principles could be put into practice and to continue looking at case studies that would further explore these issues.  The OECD will be unveiling further research at the World Water Forum in Brasilia.

More than 205 registrants participated in this webinar, and speakers included Aziza Akhmouch (Director of Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development, OECD), Claude Menard (Professor Emeritus, Economics, Sorbonne Université de Paris), Susana Neto (Senior Researcher, University of Lisbon), Uta Wehn (Associate Professor, IHE – Delft), and Pierre-Alain Roche (Advisory Council of the Ministry of Sustainable and Inclusive Development, France). This event was moderated by Scott McKenzie (PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia).

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