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IWRA actively promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences across countries and regions. The critical importance of local-base knowledge and experiences is strongly emphasised in our information exchange activities. The belief that sustainability requires interdisciplinary action and international cooperation is a driving force behind the Association.

IWRA has developed national or geographical chapters in China, India, Japan, Latin America & Caribbean, Oceania, and Mongolia to further implement its mission and focus its activities. These chapters allow for extensive regional networking among IWRA members. Learn about them below. 

China Chapter

 Chairperson – Li Yuanyuan (Vice President of the General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, MWR, China)

To get in touch with the Chinese Chapter please email:

Lili Yu at,

or Yan Yang at

Egypt Chapter

Chairperson –  Dahlia Sabri (Senior Water Expert, Egypt and IWRA Executive Board member.  Catolica de Chile)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact:

The IWRA Egypt Chapter has a multifaceted mission to tackle the challenges of the Egyptian water sector effectively. By integrating natural sciences, technology, economics, environment, ecology, and social sciences, it aims to develop comprehensive solutions for managing freshwater and wastewater.

The Chapter’s primary goal is to establish a robust local network that collaborates closely with water-focused NGOs, facilitating collective actions and knowledge exchange on pressing water issues. By providing a dynamic platform, it aspires to connect Egyptian water professionals and organisations at all levels, fostering meaningful dialogue, idea-sharing, and information dissemination on innovative technologies to enhance water services.


India Chapter

AK Dinkar (1)

Chairperson – A. K. Dinkar.

The Treasurer of the India Chapter is G.P. Patel (

To contact the India Chapter please send your email to: 


The India Chapter of IWRA publishes a technical journal, on a half yearly basis (January–June and July-December).  The journal aims to provide a snapshot of the latest research and advances in the field of water resources.  It addresses what is new, significant and practicable both on print and online versions.  Being peer-reviewed, the journal publishes original research reports, review papers and communications screened by national and international researchers who are experts in their respective fields.  The original manuscripts that enhance the level of research and contribute new developments to the water resources sector are encouraged.  The manuscripts must be unpublished and should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.  There are no Publication Charges.

Please contact the journal editor at the following address for further details:

A. K. Dinkar
IWRA India Chapter Chair


Japan Chapter

Chairperson – Kaoru Takara 
Secretary-General: Kiyofumi Yoshino
Secretary: Toshiro Suzuki

IWRA Japan National Chapter consists of 17 actual IWRA members, forepast 78 IWRA members and the supporting organisations including the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the Japan Water Forum and the Society of Hydrology and Water Resources.

The main purpose of the chapter is to:

• exchange views among the members in the field of water resources
• create a local network in this field
• coordinate not only interpersonally but also among organisations
• support national and overseas events

An annual general meeting is held every year with reporting on activities, discussion of the annual action plan and exchange of opinions.

Quick Report of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Nobuo Mimura, Kazuya Yasuhara, Seiki Kawagoe, Hiromune Yokoki & So Kazama

Latin America & Caribbean Chapter

Chairperson –  Guillermo Donoso (Professor, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact:

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Chapter Bureau will focus on promoting knowledge about water governance to water professionals from academia, government and industry, young professionals, universities researchers and students, community leaders and representatives at all levels of government, including national and international agencies.

By facilitating this dialogue, the Chapter expects to:

  • Stimulate the debate and reflection about water governance, promote the exchange of ideas between countries and
  • Motivate better water policies and innovative actions to address Latin-American challenges.
  • Become a catalyst to promote a comprehensive approach of water security and governance based on robust science for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.
Tsenkher hot springs mongolia

Mongolia Chapter

Chairperson – Angela Million (Technical University of Berlin)




Co-Chairperson –  Nomundari Erdene (Co-founder of YWPM) 


To contact the Mongolia Chapter please send your email to:

The Mongolia Chapter aims to convey knowledge about urban water security to water professionals and industry, young professionals, students and community representatives at all levels of government, including national and international agencies, in order to facilitate open dialogue on the operational conditions and management of urban water with the ultimate goal of disseminating knowledge of water security for all. The series of engagement activities raising civic participation on discussion about economic, political and social challenges seeks to promoting solutions and best practices for the water community. We hope to bring about holistic and sustainable impact on the urban communities.

The Mongolia Water Leadership Program has objectified conveying knowledge and facilitating dialogue around water security among the water practitioners operating in Mongolia. The program has provided excellent opportunities for the participants to delve into and exchange opinions with international experts and researchers. The 6-month program has boasted and galvanized youth engagement in the water sector in Mongolia.

Read more about the most highly raised issues among the participants here.


Oceania Chapter

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact:

Greg Leslie:

or Dr Genevieve Poblete

The Chapter aims to add value to existing membership benefits by fostering collaboration, professional development and information exchange, both across the Oceania region and internationally. We will be calling for expressions of interest from new and existing members, including water professionals, corporate members, students and retired professionals in the region to indicate interest and support in the coming months.


Chapters are proposed by IWRA Members and require approval by the IWRA Executive Board. For more information,  download the Chapters Policy and Guidelines document here. 

Interested in joining one of the Chapters above? Firstly,  please ensure you have an active IWRA membership. Secondly, send us an email to, with a short motivation for the Chapter you would like to join, and an up-to-date resume.


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