IWRA Webinar – N°17

Wicked Problems of Water Quality Governance

31 October 2018

IWRA’s webinar on “Wicked Problems of Water Quality Governance” was a successful event with academics and practitioners from various regions of the world discussing how to address complex questions posed by adapting water quality guidelines to accurately reflect different qualities and uses so that our scarce water resources can be best used.  The panel discussed how to better address water reuse and other practices, where few national guidelines exist with less considerations from the users’ perspective.

This 90-minute event was based on themes discussed in the Special Issue of Water International (Vol. 43, Issue 3) and in the forthcoming policy brief on this same topic.  It is also a continuation of IWRA’s work on this topic and forms part of its contribution this year to the 8th World Water Forum.

Nearly 70 registrants participated in this webinar, while distinguished speakers included Heather Bond, Project Officer, International Water Resources Association; Henning Bjornlund, Professor in Water Policy and Management, University of South Australia; Birgitta Liss Lymer, Director, Water Governance, Stockholm International Water Institute; Anna Robak, Research Manager, Innovation and Future Ready, WSP Canada; and, Yuliya Vystavna, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, the Czech Republic.  This webinar was moderated by Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia.

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