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Ss36 Importance Of Considering Coastal Aquifers As Part Of The Source To Sea Continuum: Example From The Medpartnership Project

Author(s): SS36 The salty dimension of water governance – the link between upstream management and downstream impacts
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 36: Down The River – Out To Sea… And In Some Cases Back Again
Author(s): Raya Marina Stephan

Raya Marina Stephan
Lawyer, expert in water law, and more specifically groundwater law


Coastal aquifers are at the nexus of the marine and freshwater ecosystems. They represent a water source for the millions living in coastal
regions ➔ Drinking water, irrigation, tourism, industry. They sustain important ecosystems (wetlands) which provide services.
  • Importance of coastal aquifers
  • The Medpartnership project


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