IWRA is pleased to launch a call for Expressions of Interest to host the XIX World Water Congress in 2025!

The World Water Congress is a well-established and globally recognised event in the water sector that is held every two to three years under the auspices of IWRA in different cities around the world.  Its objective is to provide a meeting place to share experiences, promote discussion, and present new knowledge, research results and developments in the fields of water sciences and policy from around the world.  For nearly half a century, World Water Congresses have been at the vanguard of the development and identification of major global themes concerning the water agenda, while at the same time bringing together large cross-sections of up to 2,000 stakeholders who are engaged in the formulation and implementation of decisions in the water sector.

Benefits of hosting the XIX World Water Congress


Generates high international focus on the host city and country regarding water resources – in particular for researchers, universities, think tanks, decision-makers, water authorities, private companies and non-government organisations.


Helps to build synergy within the local and national water community. This facilitates cooperation, fosters a constructive dynamic and opens new opportunities in the water sector.


Promotes local and national water expertise on a global scale. The Congress provides a platform to contribute to international scientific and policy debates about key water issues.


Provides economic and tourist benefits for the city with the arrival of Congress participants.


Promotes the city and country at the international level: underlining its capacities, research excellence, policy relevance and ability to contribute to the global water sector.


The World Water Congress is a well-established and globally recognised event in the water sector. IWRA commits to aiding the hosts to mobilise the media/press and other international organisations.


The World Water Congress brings various high-level experts as speakers and award recipients, and attracts high-level personalities, including well-known politicians and heads of large international organisation. 


Provides excellent opportunities for networking with the international water community.

The Detailed Terms of Reference explaining the process for selecting the host for IWRA’s XIX World Water Congress, description in detail of the various roles and responsibilities as well as the application steps and terms of reference is now available here.

Expressions of Interest should be addressed to the President of the IWRA and emailed no later than 31st December 2020 to office@iwra.org.

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