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Coping with water Scarcity in Kingdom of Bahrain

IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
6. Water Conservation and Demand Management
Author(s): Najat M. Es’haqi
Rafid Al-Khaddar
I am P PhD Candidates in Liverpool John Moores University,UK. I hope than in 2008 to finish my reseach. My research is concerned Challenges and Obstacles to IWRM in Kingdom of Bahrain. My concern is Capacity Building and to cope with water scarcity within

Keyword(s): water Scarcity, knowledge creation, Capacity Building
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Abstract Kingdom of Bahrain is an arid country declared of suffering from acute water scarcity in the early days of the last century by UNESCO. The limited water resources (mainly groundwater) and seawater desalination process with limited accountability on water recycling and treated sewage water made the need of effectual long-term water management strategy crucial to cope with water scarcity. This paper is to assess the present water situation in Bahrain and the perceptive of the society to the problem through a survey conducted among university of Bahrain's students from different specialties. The outcome to be engaged in formulation of the society knowledge creation process and in developing of institutional capacity building.
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