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Basin is closed

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
3. Management of water resources
Author(s): Walter Ubal Giordano

Walter Ubal Giordano
International Development Research Centre
Centre de recherche pour le développement international



Some facts

  • Many of the world’s river basins are “closed” or “are closing”
  • Basin closure means scarcity and more frequent water crises
  • As basin close water management become more complex
  • Water conservation in closed basins means water re-allocation or reappropiation
  • Water pollution and competition for water is high-leading conflicts 
  • In closed basins the development of infrastructure often outstrips available water resources.
  • River basin management needs political reform and a commited to a more open, accountable, and inclusive governance.

What we need ? New management approaches to develop new policies

What research to cope with these challenges?

What research is needed so?

  • Impact assessment
  • Cost-beneficies analysis
  • Risk management plans
  • Strong multistakeholder participation


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