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Sustainable Water & Agriculture Management

Author(s): Pictet Asset Management
World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
3. Management of water resources
Author(s): Philippe Rohner
Philippe Rohner, CChem., PhD., MBA
Senior Investment Manager
Sector & Theme Funds team




  • Thematic strategies within Pictet Asset Management
  • Water – when perception meets reality
  • Water – the resource managment challenge
  • Ceres’s investor handbook for water risk integration
  • Towers Watson’s long-term themes & thematic framework
  • Raymond James’s segmentation
  • Frost & Sullivan’s analysis
  • Trends creating opportunities for private sector…
  • Megatrends
  • A freshwater stewardship framework
Why we work with Megatrends
  • Provides a secular framework to monitor our investment themes which is decoupled from shorterterm (cyclical) and other market factors.
  • The “top down” secular growth view provides a contextual framework for our “bottom-up” fundamental investment approach.
Key outcomes
  • Addressing water issues in a sustainable way requires a deeper understanding of both its Environmental, Social and Economic  dimension and their inter-dependence.
  • Concepts that aimed at increasing awareness are not necessarily suited for designing the intended optimum resource allocation outcome.
  • Constructing sustainable freshwater allocation mechanisms increasingly needs to consider not only quantity, but also incorporate the required quality dimension.


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