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Ss7 The (transboundary) Groundwater Resources Of Africa -- The Engine To Stimulate Human Development And Environmental Sustainability.

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 7: Risk Management for water
Author(s): Robert Kalin

University of Strathclyde1

Keyword(s): Special Session,
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This session will focus on the trans-boundary groundwater resources of the African continent. Of all the water resources in Africa, groundwater plays a critical role in human development, particularly in the rural environment, but also increasingly in urban areas. Locally-accessible groundwater resources, if developed soundly would make the livelihoods of rural populations more sustainable, and addressing rising quality issues in urban areas would enhance both water security and health. However, in spite of its critical importance, groundwater remains the invisible and neglected resource. The session will feature a parliamentary-style debate that will focus on the legal, scientific, financial and social aspects of two provocative hypotheses: "The Eureka moment, for groundwater as a stimulus for development,has not yet arrived in Africa," and "Agencies across Africa are missing the point on sound groundwater governance."

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