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IWRA World Water Congress 2008 Montpellier France
1. Water availability, use and management
Author(s): Sihem Tireche
Abdelaziz Tairi
S. Tireche 1, A. Tairi 2 1 tel :021374669749 1 mail :stireche2000@yahoo.fr 2 tel :021324819987 2 mail :vrpgr@umbb.dz 1, 2 fax :021324819987 1, 2 Laboratory Pétrochimique Synthesis: Ergonomics and Environmental protection. FHC University M’

Keyword(s): Surface treatment, Stainless, effluents, Metal Pollution, Environmental Stress, SEQ-Water, durable Management
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AbstractThe risk related to the metal contamination is multiple: risk for human health, environmental, economic and, in the same way, reflected with a negative image of quotes «pollute ». This allows increasing multiple sources of metaliferous pollution in Isser Wadi. The study of the impact of industrial activity on the littoral of the wilaya of Boumerdès through the evaluation of the rejection of effluents of the complex (ORFEE) which rejects its waste water in the Wadi Isser (wadi exoreic). The complex has as a main activity the production and the marketing of domestic stainless steel products (Stainless) of various qualities. Last nine metal elements (Silver, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Lead, Zinc) are proportioned in Atomic absorption spectrometry per Flame (F-SAA). The results obtained were transposed on the system of evaluation of water quality (SEQ-water), in order to evaluate physicochemical quality, its using aptitude and the natural functions of the aquatic environments. By identifying deteriorations which compromise biological balances or the uses. SEQ-Water authorizes a precise diagnosis of water quality and contributes to define the actions of corrections necessary to guarantee a ecological balance of the aquatic environment (durable development). The advantage of this tool is the ability of addressing with the qualified authorities and the industrialists to find necessary basic elements to their information, or to help them to make a decision to perform restoration policies .
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