Contribute to IWRA’s Question of the Year 2019!

Is Smart Water Management (SWM) Really A Smart Idea?  Selected contributions received may be considered for publication in the 2019 Special issue on SWM. Smart Water Management (SWM) refers to the application of new advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide real-time, automated data that can be used in resolving water challenges and […]

IWRA Newsletter Editorial – June 2019

Callum Clench, IWRA Executive Director As you will see from this issue of IWRA Update, it has been a busy year for IWRA’s Executive Office and Board so far. And as there are only 10 months until the XVII World Water Congress in Daegu, South Korea, we will be kept on our toes for the […]

IWRA Webinar – N°22

Leaving No One Behind, 27 June 2019. This IWRA webinar, co-organised with WaterLex, followed-up on discussions brought-up during the 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind, held in February 2019. It drew the panellists from participants of this event who had proposed uniquely creative and useful technical solutions for water and sanitation access for […]

IWRA Webinar – N°21

Bridging Science and Policy: Legal Perspectives 16 May 2019 This 90-minute webinar focused on “Bridging Science and Policy: Legal Perspectives”, and it was based on themes discussed in the Special Issue of Water International (Vol. 44, Issue 3) and in the forthcoming policy brief on this same topic. Co-hosted with International Association for Water Law […]

IWRA Webinar – N°20

The Global Water Security Challenge 16 April 2019 This webinar, co-organised by Christopher Scott (University of Arizona) and Chad Staddon (University West of England), built on Water International Special Issue (vol. 43, issue 8) on this same topic, which was also co-edited by both of them. It brought together a panel of senior and junior panellists who […]

Interview with IWRA Members

Shervin Hasemi, 1st World Summit on LNOB Contest Winner IWRA in collaboration with WaterLex, helped organise the 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind that took place in Geneva in February 2019.  You can read more about his event later in this newsletter.  Here is an interview with the winner of the contest held during this summit: […]