Programme  OS3c Climate change: detecting trends, projecting future
Date (YYYY-mm-dd) Début (hh:mm:ss) Fin (hh:mm:ss) Traduction Type Salle
2008-09-0314:0015:30yesordinary session Pasteur

OS3c Climate change: detecting trends, projecting future

Responsable: Marc Voltz

Session abstracts
  1. Impact de la variabilité climatique sur les ressources hydriques du bassin de l'Amazone - Author: Jhan Carlo Espinoza Villar
  2. Climate Uncertainty,water availability and social behavior in Mexican Agriculture
  3. Comparative Study Climatic Changes with Contemporary Basin River Changes in Iran - Author: Manijeh Ghohroudi Tali
  4. Impacts of climate change on the water resources of coastal Mediterranean rivers in southern France - Author: Franck Lespinas
  5. Utilizing North American Regional Reanalysis for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Water Resources in Central Canada - Author: Sung Joon Kim
  6. Sensitivity of hydrological systems to GCM-based climate scenarios in northern Manitoba (Canada) boreal forest region - Author: Woonsup Choi

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