About The International Water Resources Association

IWRA is an international, non-governmental, non- political, non-profit, educational and development-oriented association. It has been consistently recognised and respected as a leading advocate in advancing the understanding and management of water resources worldwide since its establishment in 1972. The members of IWRA are from all parts of the world and represent every profession and academic discipline involved in the sustainable management of the world´s water resources.

IWRA aims to build and strengthen partnerships and mechanisms to address water resource problems worldwide.  Its unique role is to serve as a bridge in providing information and networking people and organisations across geographical, disciplinary, sectoral and professional boundaries. The Association strongly endorses and promotes water resources education and research based on sound scientific, social and ethical principles, worldwide and for all sectors of society.  In brief, it seeks to be international, interdisciplinary, and interesting.

Specifically, the Association aims to:

  • Provide international, regional and national fora for water resources issues;
  • Enhance the quality of knowledge used for decision-making;
  • Promote cutting-edge research that improves understanding of water resource issues and policy options;
  • Improve global access to water-related information;
  • Facilitate exchanges of information and expertise between countries and professions; and
  • Network with complementary organisations.

IWRA activities to achieve these aims include:

  • Sponsorship of the triennial World Water Congress;
  • Publication of Water International, the official journal of the Association (from 2008, co- published with Taylor & Francis);
  • Publication of definitive books on different aspects of water management;
  • Co-sponsorship of major conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and training courses; and
  • Maintenance of an interactive website.

To know more about IWRA

IWRA Executive Office

Please contact the Executive Office of IWRA for additional information, or to join the Association:

Executive Office, IWRA
c/o, The Water Institute of Southern Africa
P. O. Box 6011, Halfway House, 1685 South Africa
Tel:  011 805 3537
Fax: 0865 119 531
E-mail: iwra- office@wisa.org.za
Website: http://www.iwrahome.org

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