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Press professionals, this space is dedicated to you. You will find:

The press conference

Monday 1st September, 17h00 at the Corum, room Louisville, Montpellier

During this press conference conference you can make your questions to:

Olli Varis, president of the International Scientific Council, Eric Servat, vice-president of the National Organisation Committee, local and territorial experts and representants of the organisations implicated in water issues.

Please confirm your presence to:
Muriel Tapiau, communication responsible (IRD) Tel. 04 67 41 63 06 – 06 75 65 46 22


The accredition will be distributed at the Corum, Montpellier :
- the 1st September during the official opening at 9h30,
- or during the presse conference (after presenting the press card).

Press documents


See a selection of photos on the theme "Global Changes and Water Resources" (Changements Globaux et Ressources en Eau" under the heading "A LA UNE" of the photo database INDIGO from the IRD. The photos from the IRD issues of this list are copyright free for use by the press.

"L'Agence de l'eau Rhone Mediterranean and Corsica" has a photo database where some of the shots are subject to copyright. For further information, please contact Claire Chevret at the Delegation to the Communication (claire.chevret @

Press relations

A special room and press information desk will be available to journalists in the Corum during the conference.


René Lechon (IRD), local and regional press,, 06 12 34 02 49.
Nadine Bosc, (Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse), national and international press,, 06 67 65 75 33
In collaboration with the the communication services of congress partners.

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