Programme  OS6k Rural water conservation and reuse
Date (YYYY-mm-dd) Début (hh:mm:ss) Fin (hh:mm:ss) Traduction Type Salle
2008-09-0116:0017:30noordinary session Sully 3

OS6k Rural water conservation and reuse

Responsable: Michel Dutang

Session abstracts
  1. Climate change and water availability in North-West Algeria: investigation by dendrochronology and stable water isotopes - Author: Luc Lambs
  2. Technical issues involved in modernizing farm irrigation system - Author: Bruno Molle
  3. Spatial redistribution of water resources in a Tunisian semi-arid catchment subject to conservation works - Author: Guillaume Lacombe
  4. Pilot Study on Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency Measures - Author: Abdel-zaher Kamal Abdel-razek
  5. Classifying, Clustering & Clumping; defining groups of irrigators in Australia’s Namoi Valley. - Author: G. Kuehne
  6. Integrated assessment of the impact of a small reservoir on land use and livelihood in Burkina Faso - Author: Katrin Zitzmann

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