Programme  OS4d Remote sensing, DSS and GIS applications
Date (YYYY-mm-dd) Début (hh:mm:ss) Fin (hh:mm:ss) Traduction Type Salle
2008-09-0311:3013:00noordinary session Joffre A-B

OS4d Remote sensing, DSS and GIS applications

Responsable: Pierre Chevallier

Session abstracts
  1. An integrated modelling and remote sensing approach for hydrological study in arid and semi-arid regions - Author: A. Chehbouni
  2. GIS for Sustainable Water Development in Central Asia - Author: Victor Dukhovny
  3. Monitoring of surface water quality in large rivers with satellite imagery - Author: Jean Michel Martinez
  4. Remote Sensing and Hydrochemistry of Lakes-Groundwater Interaction - Author: Sarah Tweed
  5. Effect of catchment land use change on the water resources and water quality - Author: Olga Barron

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