Programme  OS4h Risk management 3
Date (YYYY-mm-dd) Début (hh:mm:ss) Fin (hh:mm:ss) Traduction Type Salle
2008-09-0411:3013:00noordinary session Joffre A-B

OS4h Risk management 3

Responsable: Wallace Mayne

Session abstracts
  1. European strategies for sustainable flood plain management to reduce flood risk - Author: Mariele Evers
  2. Floods forecasting and warning operations enhancement by Grid technology adoption in Civil Protection organization - Author: Vincent Thierion
  3. Seasonal Sea Level Outlook With Exceedance Probability - Author: Md. Rashed Chowdhury
  4. An integrated approach for debris-flow risk mitigation in the north coastal range of Venezuela - Author: Jose L. Lopez

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