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Social Constraints to and Institutional Solutions for Rural Women’s Participation in Natural Resource Management

Author(s): A case study of the Water First Project of the National Organisation for Sustainable Development Anand, Gujarat State, India
Author(s): Sanjeeta Singh Negi, Carol A Ready, Jivan S Negi
Sanjeeta Singh Negi Founder and Chairman National Organisation for Sustainable Development ( NOSD), Dr. Carol A. Ready,Human Activist,USA, Jivan S. Negi Founder and Executive Director , NOSD


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Session: Poster session 4
AbstractInstead of taking U turn to make any effort more sustainable in development sector there is need to

involve women since beginning of the project. This case study emphasis that women being 50% of the population,

resides in the same area and do have knowledge, skill, experience to manage resources in and around their

surroundings. Moreover, there are significant differences in the use, access and management of natural resources

between men and women. To make project related to natural resources sustainable there is need to incorporate

views of both men and women. But because, these women live in a deeply patriarchal rural society and face

structural and cultural constraints which in turn restrict their participation in the development project. This case study

of Water First Project tries to analyse women’s contribution in the field of natural resources, constraints they face

which become hindrance to their participation in the project and how these constraints have been deconstructed in

the framework of existing social, cultural and traditional practices and addressed in such a manner that it enhances

women’s capacity to raise issues and participation in the Water First Project.

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