Programme  OS6k Rural water conservation and reuse  abstract 81

Technical issues involved in modernizing farm irrigation system

Author(s): Bruno Molle

Keyword(s): On-Farm irrigation, Irrigation Techniques, Modernisation, Support policy

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Session: OS6k Rural water conservation and reuse
AbstractThis paper results from the observation or participation to a number of farm

irrigation modernization projects. The point of view tentatively adopted is the farmer's one. The effects of local

constraints on modernisation options selected are analysed and some consequences on water productivity, water

saving or social impacts listed. It appears clearly that modernisation policies should be designed in a participative

way, that water saving potential doesn’t always results in effective decrease in water consumption, but most often in

water productivity increase. Due to the necessity of mind conversion along with technical conversion, the need for

technology transfer is highlighted, concerning both farmers and dealers, to assure a minimum durability of

modernisation. The use of a standardised framework to reach consensus to support technically modernisation

process, can help guaranty modernisation cost effectiveness along with cost return.

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