Programme  OS7a Financing water development  abstract 809


Author(s): Gülser Öztunali Kayir

Keyword(s): water politics, world forum, financing water, world solidarity associations, ecosociology

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Session: OS7a Financing water development
AbstractWater policy takes an important place for life of the planet. Even though 30 years

were passed off from the water summit meeting held in Mar Del Plata on 1977, any improvement could not be

provided yet. Even we got behind Article 11 of Contract of international, social, economic and cultural rights. Even

though there are many information and researches about water issue, problems still continue. It is time to pass

beyond words towards an action with solidarity including the whole world.

In the issue of water, the principle

of “water pays water” and the approaches based on the sectoral operation have displayed how limited they are.

Politicians participated in world water forums and the international society being in cooperation with private sector

and decision makers could not achieve water safety on the world. Because privatization of water serves for the

benefit of great water companies and the water industry is directed and supervised by the world bank and

multinational companies.

Even though privatization of water is accepted as a dilemma in terms of human rights,

equality and democracy, the problem of finding a source of financing in order to ensure everyone to access water is

still a matter to be dealt with. If we do not want repetition of many recommendations in world water forum to be held

in Istanbul and if the globalization wants to open a completely blue and social window, international society should

act concretely and urgently for common benefit of the whole world.

On the subject of financing access to

water for all, recommendations of world solidarity organizations, Latin countries, world social forum shall be

analyzed from a critical, eco-sociological and feminist point of view. Is world financing impossible for water? Which

issues shall be the responsible from financing? Lack of will power? Lack of an honest disclosure in political meaning?

The problem of confronting with the matter? These are main questions attempted to be answered in the first part of

the announcement. Second part shall be assigned to the discussion on whether or not a solidarist fund can be

constituted between water rich and water poor countries. Ecological movements concerning water, Johannesbourg

summit meeting, water forms declarations, Camdessus report, Vandelac, Petrella, Rebelle, Dansereau, Gendron and

Vaillancourt are only a few of the references.

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