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31 rapporteurs have been successfully selected who will help ensure the smooth running of Congress sessions.

To see the full list of the XVIII WWC Rapportuers, please click here.

Specific Responsibilities

Rapporteurs will oversee reporting on the content of the Congress. This content will then be used to develop daily summaries that will feed the daily Newsletter of the Congress and will also form the basis for the Congress Final Report. Rapporteurs will be divided in three categories:

  1. The Reporters Team
  2. The Editors Team, and
  3. The Newsletter Team

Rapporteurs will be allocated 2-3 sessions per day and will draft a summary during the sessions using a template and finish them on the same day. All summaries are saved on a central drive, and the Editorial Team will work on them as they arrive, asking for clarifications and ensuring a consistent level of quality. In addition, some reporters will also be asked to conduct short interviews of attendees, speakers, or VIPs when time allows. Some summaries and interviews will be picked by the Newsletter Team who will work closely with the Congress Secretariat to publish the daily newsletter the following morning. All members of the Rapporteur programme can also be social media ambassadors (tweet, post, interview – their activities can be discussed with their supervisors who can set up daily priorities). There will be four supervisors, half from the ISC and half from IWRA Executive Office. They are responsible for managing rapporteurs’ Reporters Team, Editors Team, and Newsletter Team.

Awards and Benefits