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An exhibition of scientific and technological achievements in the field of water resource management will be held during the Congress to showcase the unique water management technology and experience, innovative water related products, production technology and process, etc. from all over the world.

We sincerely welcome water science technology and policy research institutions, water management institutions, engineering project management institutes, relevant international organisations, consulting companies, and water governance or water related product and service suppliers to participate in the exhibition! The exhibition provides a worldwide platform, with an area of nearly 20,000 square meters and hundreds of booths, for exhibitors to display and promote outstanding products, technology and research achievements, and exchange with industry peers around the world. Financial, in-kind, and other kinds of sponsorship and support are also welcomed.

Congress Theme

The exhibition will revolve around the theme of the congress, showcasing China’s achievements in water governance, water science and technology, investigation, design and consulting, hydraulic infrastructure construction and management, water management, technology equipment and water culture in different zones. The exhibition aims to exchange water management experiences and showcase achievements in water governance. The exhibition covers various fields, including but not limited to:

Exhibition Layout

Booth Category

The Standard booth includes

ꔷ Standard booths have an area of 9 square meters (3 meters x 3 meters).

ꔷ The conference provides a unified requirement including style and main visual elements, while exhibitors are responsible for designing the detailed contents of their showcases.

ꔷ Standard equipment: one reception desk, one negotiation table, four chairs, Chinese and English company fascia boards, two spotlights, power sockets, and booth carpeting.

ꔷ The cost of a standard booth is $2500.

The Special booth includes

ꔷ There is no limit to the area of the special booth and exhibitors can determine the area based on their actual needs.

ꔷ Exhibitors can design and build their own booths with the guidance of the exhibition operation company based on their own needs and characteristics.

ꔷ A-zone special exhibition booth costs $400/m², while B-zone special exhibition booth costs $300/m².

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