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Water for All: Global experts and officials share thoughts on China's development of key resource

Updated:2023-09-16  Beijing, China

Participants at the ongoing eighteenth World Water Congress have shared their thoughts about this year's meeting, as well as their observations on China's achievements in the area.

KLAAS GROEN Deputy Excutive Director of Knowledge and Innovation RWS, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management "The only thing I have to say, I'm very impressed really. You did a wonderful job seeing what the country was and where you are now. But you can't lay down on your back, because you have to adapt to this new situation. So, to work together to see how this climate changes and to cooperate on the scientific side with models, with all kinds of data and to learn from each other, to be ready for the new future, that is what we are doing here."

BASTIAAN VAN DEN BERG Managing Director of International AffairsRWS, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management "Harmony between humans and nature. That is also one of the philosophies that we have in the Netherlands. Because we have to live with water and we have been doing so for quite a long time, so we have really integrated water into our society and our lives. So the remarks made by Minister Li (Guoying) were like music to our ears."

MARTIN MATTOS General Director of Natural Resources Uruguay's Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries "Uruguay has experienced one of the most severe droughts in history, with rainfall below average for three consecutive years. It's led to significant losses in agriculture and animal husbandry. I think we can learn a lot of great things from China not only in agriculture, but also in drinking water and industry, drawing on knowledge through discussions, and learning how China works and plans in a strategic way."

Source: CGTN