XIVth IWRA World Water Congress

DATE: September 25-29, 2011 - VENUE: Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco – Brazil





Name Institution Institution Country Expertise
Christopher Scott, ISC Chair University of Arizona USA water resources and policy
Aziza Akhmouch Organisation for Econ. Co-operation and Development France water policy, governance
Dominique Alheritiere International Association for Water Law France water law
José Almir Cirilo Federal University of Pernambuco Brazil water resources systems
Mario Thadeu Leme de Barros University of Sao Paulo Brazil water resources systems
Ximing Cai University of Illinois USA water resources
Lilian del Castillo de Laborde University of Buenos Aires Argentina international water law
Pierre Chevallier University of Montpellier France water resources and climate change
Naim Haie University of Minho Portugal water resources sustainability
Seetharam Kallidaikurichi National University of Singapore Singapore water governance, urban water, sanitation, wastewater
Johan Kuylenstierna Stockholm Enironment Institute Sweden global water policy issues, climate change
Maria Carmen Lemos University of Michigan USA water policy
Mario López Pérez Comisión Nacional del Agua Mexico water management, water law, hydrology
Carmen Maganda University of Luxembourg Luxembourg transboundary water, strategic resources management
Claudia Pahl-Wostl University of Osnabrück Germany adaptive water management, water governance
Jia Shaofeng Chinese Academy of Sciences China water resources management
Vladimir Smakhtin International Water Management Institute Sri Lanka hydrology, water management
Cecilia Tortajada International Water Resources Association Spain, Mexico IWRM
Avinash Tyagi World Meteorological Organisation France hydrology, climate change, flood management
Flip Wester Wageningen University Netherlands water policy, river basin mgmt., groundwater governance
Suzana Maria Gico Lima Montenegro Federal University of Pernambuco Brazil Hydrology and Hydrogeology
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