IWRA Webinar – N°19

World Water Day 2019 "Leaving No One Behind"
22 March


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World Water Day 2019 “Leaving No One Behind” – 22 March

This year, IWRA’s World Water Day webinar brought together a wide range of panellists and participants that came from international organisations, the academia, civic society, etc. to provide a number of perspectives on the fundamental theme of Leaving No One Behind. Discussions focused around issues such as expanding the access to safe water and sanitation through new, insightful environmental, economic and judiciary perspectives and initiatives. Moreover, they have informed on how to expand participation in the water governance process, particularly for groups such as indigenous people who have been recently overlooked. In addition, a special emphasis was put in the context of human rights, as well as access and affordability, which is currently, impacted by groups, mainly women that play today a unique role on the latter.

Nearly a 130 registrants participated of this webinar, while distinguished panellists included Amanda Loeffen, Director General, WaterLex; Shervin Hashemi, Post-doctorate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University; Alejandro Jimenez, Program Director for Content Development in Water Governance, Stockholm International Water Institute; Lesha Witmer, Steering Committee Member Women for Water Partnership; and, Alexander Otte, Associate Programme Specialist, Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO. This event was moderated by Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia.

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