IWRA Webinar N° 66

27 February - 16:00 (CET)

In collaboration with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), this webinar delved into the complexities of digital transformation in water management. Dr. Hassan Tolba Aboelnga, Chair of IWRA’s Urban Water Security Working Group, moderated the discussion, emphasising that digital transformation isn’t just about technology but rather a strategic journey shaped by people toward a sustainable water future. With 408 registrants from around the world, the webinar showcased global interest in the topic, with participants joining from various countries including Lebanon, Spain, Ethiopia, and India.

Eric Tardieu, Secretary General of IWRA, highlighted the importance of digitalisation for water security, commending the impactful initiatives of IWRA’s Urban Water Security Working Group in driving change. Almotaz Abadi, Deputy Secretary General for Water, Environment, and Blue Economy for the UfM, stressed the urgent need for solutions to water excess and scarcity, advocating for early warning systems and reducing non-revenue water levels.

Samira Shaban Pina from the UfM explored digital transformation’s role in water management. Bora Helvaci from Siemens showcased projects such as sewer optimisation and stormwater management, emphasising that digitisation is an ongoing journey rather than a one-time project. Slavco Velickov from Bentley’s Water and Wastewater Solution emphasised the need to prioritise water at the political level, linking environmental sustainability with water policy and infrastructure funding.

Lylian Coelho, Development Director at AgroParisTech-SUEZ, Chair of Water for All – General Management of Water and Sanitation Services, stressed the importance of shared knowledge and learning paths in digitalisation, focusing on collecting the right data over time to mitigate losses. Jorge Helmbrecht from IDRICA presented the GoAigua solution, highlighting its integration of data from various tools and technologies to provide a real-time view of processes and infrastructure.

The webinar concluded with an interactive panel discussion where speakers shared insights and addressed audience queries, emphasising the need for collaboration and innovation in digital transformation for a sustainable water future.


  • Eric Tardieu, Secretary General, IWRA
  • Almotaz Abadi, Deputy Secretary General, Water, Environment, and Blue Economy, UfM
  • Samira Shabban, Policy Expert, UfM  
  • Bora Helvaci, Sustainability and Digitalisation Professional, Siemens: Click to view presentation  
  • Slavic Velickov, Industry Sales Director, Bentley’s Water and Wastewater Solution: Click to view presentation 
  • Jorge Helmbrecht, Business Development Manager, Idrica: Click to view presentation
  • Lylian Coelho, Development Director, AgroParisTech-SUEZ, Chair of Water for All: Click to view presentation


  • Introduction and Opening Remarks:
  • Overview of Digital Transformation in the Water Sector
  • Moderator’s Remarks
  • Speaker Presentations: Applications of Digital Transformation
  • Interactive Panel Discussion

  Moderated by: Dr. Hassan Aboelnga, International Expert, Chair of the Urban Water Security Working Group, IWRA

Presented by: Lindsey Blodgétt, Webinar Officer, IWRA

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IWRA Webinars constitute an additional resource designed to help our members, academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals further explore these and other timely themes engaging in fruitful discussions, also aligned with the international water agenda and in close collaboration with key partners. The opinions of the speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of IWRA.