IWRA Webinar N° 62

Water and Climate Change: A Holistic Approach
June 6 - 14:00 (CET)


Sea level rise,  extreme  storm  events causing more runoff and less aquifer recharge, and prolonged heat waves  are  manifestations of  climate  change.  There are several adaptation strategies to counteract these realities.

IWRA organised a webinar to present the various aspects of the linkages between water & climate change and to raise awareness of the various approaches to adaptation to climate change.  It also looked at the initiatives being taken by IWRA’s Water & Climate Change Task Force to address the challenges of climate change.    

Topics include:

  Moderated by:  Raya Marina Stephan, International Water Law Expert, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Water International, Co-Chair, IWRA Climate Change Task Force

  Presented by: Arturo Salazar, International Water Resources Association, Webinar Officer

Thank you for your participation!

IWRA Webinars constitute an additional resource designed to help our members, academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals further explore these and other timely themes engaging in fruitful discussions, also aligned with the international water agenda and in close collaboration with key partners.