IWRA Webinar – N°31

Water Reuse in a Circular Economy – 17 June 2020 

IWRA’s webinar focused on Water Reuse in a Circular Economy.  This 90-minute event took place on Wednesday, June 17th from 15:00 to 16:30 Central European Time.  

This webinar, focusing on water reuse and the circular economy, featured panellists from a range of academic and professional backgrounds who brought both global and regional perspectives on these issues.

The webinar included presentations on the concepts and challenges of water reuse and a circular economy more broadly, as well as three specific studies that will be documented in the second issue of the i-WSSM UNESCO Global Water Security Issues series. One presenter outlined elements contributing to the successful implementation of water reuse in Singapore, an area where water reuse will become increasingly important in the future. Another speaker discussed the results of a detailed survey on water reuse practices in Nairobi, which enabled an exploration of the drivers, barriers and policy recommendations, including the government support for local businesses who wish to engage more in water reuse. Finally, a speaker presented on water availability considerations, including quality, purpose and quantity, with a case study in Brazil to highlight the importance of considering indirect water reuse where upstream releases to waterbodies are not fully assimilated before reaching downstream users. The four presenters then participated in a panel discussion to respond to questions from the audience. Questions included aspects of water quality, the impacts of water reuse on the economics of water delivery and the costs incurred by end users.

In our audience poll, over half respondents felt that reform of laws and regulations would be the quickest way to increase the adoption of water reuse.

With 375 registered attendees, the Water Reuse in the Circular Economy webinar was well attended. IWRA would like to thank again its panellists for their participation and engagement, particularly: Lesley Rotich, University of Waterloo; Elisa Stefan, Fractal Engenharia e Sistemas; Cecilia Tortajada, National University of Singapore & IWRA; and, Mary Trudeau, Envirings Inc. & IWRA. This event was moderated by Mary Trudeau, IWRA Project Officer.

Presentations can be accessed by clicking in the titles below: