IWRA Webinar – N°9

Legal Mechanisms for Water Resources in Practice

7 August 2017

The second IWRA webinar of this year, co-organised with AIDA (International Association for Water Law), focused on “Legal Mechanisms for Water Resources in Practice”.  It built on themes from AIDA’s sessions at the XV World Water Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. One of the main results was agreement that law must function as part of a wider governance structure so that enforcement can make a difference to people who live in these communities.  Moreover, all panellists agreed on the need for in-depth and case specific fieldwork to understand how law functions on the ground.

This webinar was based on special issue of Water International (Volume 41, Number 6)

Our panel featured: Marcella Nanni (Deputy Chairman & Editor, International Association for Water Law), Mara Tignino (Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Coordinator of the Platform for International Water Law, Geneva Water Hub), Laura Movilla Pateiro (Lecturer, University of Vigo), Helle Munk Ravnborg (Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies), Sarah Hendry (Water Lawyer, University of Dundee), and moderated by Scott McKenzie, (PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia).


Please download the presentations below:

Introductory Remarks
Water Governance Reform in the Context of Inequality: Securing rights or legitimizing dispossession
Ad Hoc Legal Mechanisms Governing Transboundary Aquifers: Current status and future prospects
Scottish Water: A public sector success story
Legal Mechanisms for the Joint Management of Water Infrastructures: Riparian states of the Senegal and Niger watersheds