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Is Smart Water Management (SWM) Really A Smart Idea?

To support the continued growth of SWM, IWRA is partnering with K-water (the Korea Water Resources Corporation) to better understand and promote the benefits of SWM solutions through the SWM Project. The main output of this collaboration is the Smart Water Management Case Studies Report, which aims to promote the continued implementation of SWM by sharing the knowledge and insights gained by exemplary SWM projects from around the world.

Is Smart Water Management (SWM) Really A Smart Idea?

Smart Water Management (SWM) refers to the application of new advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to provide real-time, automated data that can be used in resolving water challenges and sometimes to enable corresponding innovations in management.   When it provides a means of integrating information and communication, it can serve as a vehicle for integrated water resources management.

Smart Water Management was on the Association’s agenda for 2018 and will continue to be during 2019, and possibly well into the future.  In cooperation with the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water), we have compiled a set of case studies on Smart Water Management.  IWRA is currently preparing a Special Issue (SI) on the theme of SmartWater Management. Its publication is planned in August 2019. The SI will introduce our work on the topic so far but will also take a step back and look at SWM in a more comprehensive and, where applicable, critical way. We are particularly interested in exploring the relationship of SWM to institutional change (e.g., are new “smart” institutions necessary?), and how SWM can be implemented equitably to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Therefore, we would like to pose the following Question of the Year 2019 to the IWRA Community: 

  • Is Smart Water Management Really A Smart Idea?
    • If so, in what ways? If not, why not?
    • Or is it smart in some ways and not in others?
    • What could make it smarter (institutions, policy, other)?

As was the case with the Question of the Year 2018 on Water Quality, we invite the full IWRA membership as well as partners and supporters to join this discussion and look forward to your responses. Selected contributions received by 30 June may be considered for publication in the 2019 Special issue on SWM. Please submit your answers in the discussion board below:

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