Read now: The Global Water Security Issues Paper Series

There is an urgent need to conduct research on emerging and future global water security issues in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. To document relevant research on water security issues, UNESCO Headquarters and UNESCO i-WSSM (International Centre for Water Security and Sustainable Management) are annually co-publishing the Global Water Security Issues (GWSI) Paper Series. IWRA is assisting with the GWSI Paper Series publication.

Given the complexity and range of the topic of water security, a theme is selected each year to provide a focus for the GWSI Paper Series. In 2019, the theme was: Water Reuse within a Circular Economy Context.  Access this publication with leading contributions from IWRA by clicking hereIn 2020, the theme was: The Role of Sound Groundwater Resources Management and Governance to Achieve Water Security. Access this publication by clicking here! In 2021, the theme is: Water Security and Cities – Integrated Urban Water Management, due for publication in early 2022.