IWRA Webinar – N°16

Water Challenges of Oceania: Today to 2025

22 August 2018

IWRA’s webinar explored on this opportunity Water Challenges of Oceania: Today to 2025This 90 minute webinar was based on themes being discussed by IWRA’s Oceania chapter.  It brought together presenters, members and supporters from our regional chapter to highlight the work our chapter is doing and lay out an action plan for the future. Our panel engaged across disciplines, including social science, on the ground advocacy, and engineering perspectives. They discussed the specific risks to water management in the area, particularly given the hazard caused by climate change related floods, storms, and droughts. The panel also pointed out to the importance of foregrounding traditional knowledge as a means to address the uncertainty caused by climate change but recognized the special challenge this can play in the public policy sphere.

Over 45 registrants participated in this webinar, while distinguished speakers included Dr. Andrew Dansie, Chair of IWRA Oceania Chapter & Program Manager, Global Water Institute, University of New South Wales; Dr. Amelia Turagabeci, HoD Epidemiology and Environmental Health, Child Health Research Centre, University of Queensland; Prof. Paul Jagals, Honorary Professor in Integrated Environment Health, Child Health Research Centre, School of Public Health, University of Queensland; Dave Hebblethwaite, Water Governance Coordinator, Pacific Community; and, Assistant Prof. Lucy Marshall, Deputy Director, Water Research Centre, School of Civic and Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales. This webinar was moderated by Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia.

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