New Member Space: “IWRA Community”!

IWRA is pleased to announce the launch of the Association’s new member space: “IWRA Community”.  

In addition to the current tools on IWRA’s old member space, such as access to Water International, management of your membership and profile, voting for the Association elections, etc. you will also have access new exciting features including:  

  • Welcome message with detailed information of all your benefits and options to engage with IWRA
  • News feed with up-to-date announcements keeping you posted on new publications (Water International, Policy Briefs, project reports, etc.), upcoming events and webinars, calls for abstracts / papers / project proposals, etc.
  • New improved networking functions to better connect with other professionals, experts, organisations, institutions, etc. sending private messages or starting discussions when desired.
  • Posting and searching for professional opportunities, services and calls for contributions from across the IWRA Community.
  • Payment are now possible by credit card to renew your membership and make donations to the Association.
  • Improved communications (log-in with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google accounts, SMS messages to members, future registration to events, etc.)       

IMPORTANT – To access the new IWRA Community member space and activate your account, please:

  1. Log-in by clicking here and enter the email address you have provided to IWRA.


  2. Check your email inbox and confirm the message received from IWRA to activate your account.


  3. Create a new password at the log-in page once you have activated your account via email. Remember your password is unique, private and not to be shared with anyone.


  4. It’s time you start enjoying your new IWRA Community member space. Don’t forget to update your profile! 
If at any stage you have related questions or comments, as well as any feedback you would like to provide us, please contact the IWRA Executive Office at