Join IWRA’s New LAND4FLOOD Task Force❗️

IWRA was pleased to announce the official launch of a new Task Force on LAND4FLOOD


The LAND4FLOOD Task Force was set up under the umbrella of the IWRA in March 2022 to focus on natural flood retention on private land. This Task Force is a continuation of the EU COST Action LAND4FLOOD project, and it is initially composed by former members of this initiative. It aims to explore different issues around this topic, and their interrelation, in order to establish a common platform relevant for academics from different disciplines, decision-makers, landowners, and other stakeholders.

Learn more about IWRA’s new Task Force, its objectives, Bureau members, key milestones, etc. by clicking here.

While applications to join this Task Force will remain open for all IWRA members, we asked all interested members to contact the LAND4FLOOD Task Force Bureau before Friday, 3rd June, 2022.

This ensured that candidates were fully informed about the most recent plans of the group, such as the upcoming events, publications, projects and activities.

How can you still join this Task Force?

  1. Ensure that you have, or you update, your IWRA membership
  2. Send an email to with “LAND4FLOOD Membership” in the subject line
  3. What to include in the email: 
    – Your name, email, location, affiliation, and IWRA membership number (you can find this on  your membership profile – but if you cannot find this, we will find it for you)
    – Briefly tell us what your particular area of interest is related to LAND4FLOOD topics