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Impact of mining activities on the socio-economic status and water quality of Kolayat mining area, Bikaner (Rajasthan)

IWRA 2021 Online Conference One Water, One Health
Theme 1: How can we better manage water for food and public health in a changing world?
Author(s): Dr. Leela Kaur, Mr. Prem Godara, Mr. Kishan Gopal Suthar

Dr. Leela Kaur, Mr. Prem Godara, Mr. Kishan Gopal Suthar

Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner (Rajasthan)

Keyword(s): Water quality, Mining, Public health, Socio-economic survey


The present study was conducted to survey the people’s perspective on the socio-economic impact of gypsum mining in the Kolayat area Bikaner (Rajasthan) with special reference to air pollution, biodiversity, health issues and impact on the culture and tradition due to gypsum mining. The impact of gypsum mining on the water bodies in and around area was also tested to find the quality of water which is the livelihood sustainability in that particular area. The study was done during January 2018 to March 2018. Water sampling was done at selected sites. Total 16 samples of surface water and groundwater were collected from 16 locations of
Kolayat and they were analyzed for assessing the physicochemical parameters. A Questionnaire was prepared for the socio-economic survey of the study area and it was done with 70 local people. Turbidity ranges from 0.6 NTU (S11 near chani pond) to 2.4 NTU (S13 Gura mining site). TDS ranges from 320 mg/l (S6 chak banda) to 830 mg/l (S5 golalri pond). Sodium ranges from 0.75 mg/l (S4 diyatra pond) and 24.8 mg/l (S8 kotri village). Potassium ranges from 113 mg/l (S6 gajner pond) to 247 mg/ l (S5 golalri pond). The range of the chloride was from the lowest 118 mg/l (S6 gajner pond) to the highest 283 mg/l (S11 chani pond). Alkalinity was
found from 112 mg/l (S15 chak darbari) to 255 mg/l (S2 madh village). From the survey, 40% cases of respiratory problems were noted. It was found that earlier health issue was more prevalent in madh village while health is improving nowadays with the help of government initiatives. Hence, the present study deals with public health and water management at local level.

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