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Introduction to session 11: How can science better inform public policy...

IWRA 2021 Online Conference One Water, One Health
Theme 5: How can science better inform public policy, governance and capacity building for water, food and health?
Author(s): Moderators:
Lesha Witmer, Pedi Obani
John Etgen, Thouraya Souissi, Habila Alfred Zingchang, Thijs de Lange, Peter S. K. Knappett


Lesha Witmer – Steering Committee (advocacy lead) of Women for Water Partnership; Co-coordinator European Pact for Water.
Pedi Obani – Assistant Professor in the School of Law, University of Bradford


John Etgen – Chief Executive Officer, Project WET Foundation
Thouraya Souissi – Professor, Institution of Agricultural Research and Higher Education - IRESA
Habila Alfred Zingchang – National Water Resources Institute
Thijs de Lange –Wageningen University and Research
Peter S. K. Knappett – Dept. Geology & Geophysics, Texas A&M University, College Station


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