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How studies of water, sanitation and health led us to food

IWRA 2021 Online Conference One Water, One Health
Theme 3: What opportunities lie in the improved cooperation between water, food, and public health sectors?
Author(s): Christine L. Moe

Christine L. Moe – Professor, Eugene J. Gangarosa Chair in Safe Water and Sanitation, Rollin School of Public Health, Emroy University



  • Inadequate Sanitation Leads to Multiple Fecal Exposure Pathways
  • Multiple exposure routes with different risks: Which exposures pose the greatest risk?
  • Goals of SaniPath Assessments
  • Pathways of Exposure to Fecal Contamination
  • The SaniPath Tool Assesses Risk of Exposure to Fecal Contamination in the Urban Environment
  • A Simplified and Standardized Method
  • The SaniPath Tool Platform
  • SaniPath Tool Outputs
  • SaniPath Deployment Sites 2013-2020
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Fecal contamination levels in environmental samples from urban settings
  • Food as a universally dominant exposure pathway
  • A Closer Look: Risks from contaminated produce consumption observed in neighborhoods across SES
  • What if the produce is washed?
  • Health Risks from Produce Contamination in High-Income Countries
  • Critical Control Points from Farm-to-Fork: Need for research and for action
  • Acknowledgements
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