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Evidence from Africa, and propositions for further work

IWRA 2021 Online Conference One Water, One Health
Theme 2: How can managing water in agriculture contribute to food security and public health?
Author(s): André van Rooyen, Henning Bjornlund, Jamie Pittock

Andre F Van Rooyen – Acting Country Representative - Ethiopia; Innovation systems for the Drylands International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
Henning Bjornlund - UniSA
Jamie Pittock - ANU




  • Conceptual framework of the links between agriculture and health
  • Multi-dimensional Poverty Index
  • Poverty and food security vs Multidimensional poverty
  • Animal source food supplements and cognitive development of children at primary schools in Kenya

Key Questions:

  • How can we increase yields and reduce post-harvest losses to secure access to nutritious food?
  • What can farmers do to increase productivity/profitability to secure their access to nutritious food – interdependencies with resilience, ecosystems and infrastructure?
  • How can better understanding of soil moisture and nutrient dynamics reduce water use and fertilizer losses?
  • How can farmers integrate into a wider food system as part of rural economies: value adding, job creation, and better diets?
  • How can integrating dryland, irrigation, inland fisheries, aquaculture, and livestock production provide more profitable outcomes, and improve diets and health?


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