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Special Session - SWM: Bridge to WGG and SDGs - The technological innovation needed for Water for All

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
6. Water and sustainable growth
Author(s): Mr Seong Han Kim (K-Water), Prof Dogan Altinbilek (WWC)



Special session programme

Welcoming address

  • Mr. Seong Han Kim
    Vice President & CRO, K-water Convergence Institute
  • Prof. Dogan Altinbilek
    Vice President, World Water Council


  • Dr. Mun Hyun Ryu
  • Prof. Pierre-Alain Roche
  • Prof. Yangwen Jia
  • Dr. Carlos Eduardo Mariano Romero

Panel discussion

  • Moderator : Mr. Callum Clench
  • Dr. Peter Gleick
  • Prof. Gabriel Eckstein
  • Dr. Cecilia Tortajada
  • ENG. Philip Gichuki

Closing remarks

  • Mr. Seong Han Kim 


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