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Special Session - OECD Water Governance - The evolution of water governance in France from the 60s: disputes as major drivers for drastic changes within a consensual frame

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
4. Water policy and governance
Author(s): Marine Colon, Sophie Richard, Pierre-Alain Roche

Marine Colon, Sophie Richard - AgroParisTech

Pierre-Alain Roche, ASTEE, Honorary President




  • Overview of major laws
  • Water policies and decentralization
  • New paradigms in water service regulation
    • Regulation of WSSS
    • Many models of operators
    • Reduction of the number of local authorities 2015->2020
  • IWRM: 40 years of conflicts and negotiations about water inside and outside of the waterbox
    • Three steps on Water policies in Europe
    • IWRM at basin level with dedicated institutions and financial circuits
    • Basin committees: sharing the power
    • French experience and the WGI principle


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