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Truth Behind Noah’s Deluge – An Implication of Climate Change Adaptation

IWRA World Water Congress 2017 - Cancun Mexico
3. Water security in a changing world
Author(s): Saswati Roy
Malay Mukhopadhyay

Saswati Roy
Department of Geography, Visva Bharati Central University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India
Malay Mukhopadhyay
Department of Geography, Visva Bharati Central University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

Keyword(s): Mythical flood, Deglaciation, Climate change adaptation, Environmental dynamism
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The present day science is capable enough to answer the reasons behind all sorts of natural events that are experienced for ages. A group of scientists are engaged in bringing out the realities behind age old myths that has been encrypted within the holy pages of the pious texts. In most of the cases there are latent scientific facts within the exaggerated myths.


Similarly, a mythical flood have been the research area of the present researchers in regards to the Noah’s deluge which is recognized to be a global deluge in the Old Testament of the holy Bible. As according to the myth, this global deluge was responsible in wiping out mankind of the Earth.


The author after outlining the flood affected region in Turkey studied the coastal areas all along the Black Sea, surveyed along the Bosporus strait of Turkey and came up with several geomorphological clues.  These were summoned as clues as the author found out a latent relationship between the mythical verses and the present truth. This relation helped in drawing out a newer dimension as the causal factor of this Deluge in the present day science - due to successive climatic changes.


The Black sea is connected with the Mediterranean Sea by the narrow Bosporus strait running for some 32 km. Earlier the Black sea (then known as the Euxine Lake) was a sweet water lake as it received the waters from the European rivers, which were drained along this Bosporus River into the Mediterranean Sea. During the succeeding glacial periods the connection along this Bosporus River got dried into a valley due to several tectonic activities and was further initiated by filling up with unconsolidated sediments.  During a significant deglaciation phase, there was a reversal in the flow pattern that ultimately resulted in the flood along the Black Sea coast, hence creating the present geographic situation.

Implications of the study

Thus, the relation from the study of past mythical activities helped in relating that it was a local flood rather than a global deluge. It is now becoming a newer vista of research in geography to turn into the pages of history to enrich our knowledge in understanding the environmental dynamism. Similarly, the author thinks that if these palaeo-myths are considered in the same way, then roads may open up for many unknown avenues.

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